11 Simple Ways to Use Cashew Milk

Cashews strike us a happy little nut, unassuming and forever smiling. But don’t underestimate them, these nuts are versatile little powerhouses.

Elmhurst® Cashew Milk:

• Made with 5 simple ingredients

• Contains up to 5x more nuts per serving compared to other leading brands

• Free of added gums or emulsifiers

• Vegan and dairy-free

• Carrageenan-free, gluten-free, and artificial flavor free

• Non-GMO Project verified

• Certified OU Kosher

Our Unsweetened Elmhurst Cashew Milk™ is made exactly the same, except instead of 5 simple ingredients there are just 2 – cashews and water.

cartons of barista cashew milk and unsweetened cashew milk

Why Choose Cashew Milk?

Here are the top 3 reasons why people choose cashew milk:

  1. Versatile. Cashew milk is very versatile. This fact is demonstrated below with the 11 simple ways to use cashew milk. From soups to sauces, smoothies to coffee, the options for using it are endless.
  2. Plant-based. For those who have chosen a plant-based or dairy-free lifestyle, cashew milk is a great alternative to dairy milk. In fact, cashew milk has a very similar mouth feel to that of dairy milk and a mild, neutral flavor making it a great option for those who are testing the waters of moving towards a plant-based lifestyle.\
  3. Taste. It should come as no surprise that Elmhurst Cashew Milk tastes, like cashews. This is because our ingredients are simple, and the star of this milk is the cashews. If you like cashews, you’re bound to like cashew milk.

Now that you’ve decided on cashew milk, here are 11 simple ways to use it.

11 Simple Ways to Use Cashew Milk

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  1. Soups. Swap in cashew milk for vegetable or chicken stock in your soup recipes for a richer, creamier texture.
  2. Ice Cream. Use it as the base for homemade “nice cream.”
  3. Sauces. A sauce filled with rich cream can easily be replaced by adding in cashew milk instead. Try doing this with a curry or alfredo.
  4. Easy entrees or sides like these Garlic Mashed Potatoes.
    vegan and dairy-free garlic mashed potatoes
  5. By the glass. The simplest way to enjoy cashew milk is on its own. Because of its pure, simple ingredients, the number one way people prefer this plant-based milk is drinking it by the glassful.
  6. Hot Coffee. Elmhurst Cashew Milk is a coffee-enhancing wonder. Pour it into a cup of hot coffee and watch as the coffee instantly transforms into a beautiful, mixed blend.
  7. Iced Coffee
    a man pouring barista cashew milk into a cup of coffee
  8. Lattes. Elmhurst cashew milk is Barista-Approved for exceptional coffee performance. It steams and foams perfectly to make next-level lattes.
  9. In and over cereals. Cook your oatmeal with cashew milk instead of water for a more satisfying meal or pour a cup of cashew milk over cold cereal for a light and nutty boost in flavor.
  10. Desserts. How about trying these Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie?
  11. Smoothies. A Orange Turmeric Ginger Smoothie is the perfect place to start.

We’re always interested in finding new and different ways to use our original and unsweetened cashew milks. How do you use them? Let us know in the comments.