Recipes with Plant-Based Milk | Elmhurst 1925

  • Easy Mixed Berry Smoothie

    Grab your favorite berries and Elmhurst plant milk to give this easy berry smoothie recipe a try.
  • Holiday Crafted Cocktails

    Now that the holidays are here, we wanted to share some of our favorite recipes that come in handy both when you need to celebrate or just relax & unwind.
  • Vegan Peppermint Mocha

    Vegan Peppermint Mocha – a holiday favorite! To make this colorful brew recipe we use 1 cup of coffee, brewed strong and Elmhurst Barista Series Plant Milk.
  • Vegan Cashew Eggnog

    Looking for a homemade vegan cashew eggnog recipe this holiday season? Follow this simple recipe using Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Cashews™.
  • Cheesy Vegan Cauliflower Soup

    Roasted cauliflower paired with a velvety soup base to form a cheesy vegan cauliflower soup recipe like you’ve never experienced. With a burst of flavor from the roasted vegetables and creaminess from Elmhurst’s Unsweetened Milked Cashews it’s a cheesy vegan cauliflower soup that’s easy to love.
  • Vegan Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

    Now you too can have carrot cake for breakfast, with a dairy free twist. Carrot cake overnight oats combine satisfying, whole grain with the familiar flavors of this classic treat, the perfect overnight oats recipe for any occasion.
  • Vegan Baked Berry Oatmeal

    Make our vegan baked berry oatmeal recipe your family’s newest tradition. With just Elmhurst’s Unsweetened Milked Almonds™, frozen or fresh berries and a few other ingredients, you’ll discover a new baked oatmeal favorite in no time.
  • Simple Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

    Only 5 ingredients stand between you and a satisfying blueberry smoothie bowl. Elmhurst’s Unsweetened Milked Oats™ perfects a blueberry smoothie bowl recipe you’ll fall for time and time again.
  • Vegan Whole Wheat Banana Bread Muffins

    You’re only a few bananas from a game-changing vegan banana bread muffin recipe. Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Walnuts™ complement maple syrup, cinnamon and ripe bananas to create for a warm, baked treat you can sink your teeth into.
  • Creamy Vegan Avocado Lime Salad Dressing

    Lime juice, avocado and a dash of cilantro make for a delicious vegan avocado lime dressing. Add a half-teaspoon of chili powder for an added kick, and enjoy the best avocado lime dressing with a bed of greens.
  • 3-Ingredient Vegan Pancakes

    Our vegan pancakes recipe offers a delicious combination of banana, old fashioned oatmeal and your choice of Elmhurst nut milks. No need for a boxed mix when these pancakes are packed with whole grain + protein and only 3 ingredients away!
  • Classic Vegan Mac and Cheese

    Finally, a vegan mac and cheese recipe that’s easy to make and easier to enjoy. Dairy free Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese, together with pasta and Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Cashews, complete a vegan mac and cheese well worth a taste.


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