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Our Elmhurst® product family started with four nut milks, and has since grown to include numerous variations on plant-based nutrition. Experience the elegant simplicity of two-ingredient unsweetened plant milks. Inspire the adventure of coffee with our Barista Series and one-of-a-kind Hemp Creamer. Pour the austerity of whole grain oats into a glass. Or experience two “firsts”: a chocolatey peanut milk and beautifully minimalistic peanut protein shake. If you’re in the mood for something better, it’s all here to choose from!
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  • Hemp Creamer Original
    Hemp Creamer Original Image 1
  • Milked Brown Rice™ Barista Edition
    Milked Brown Rice™ Barista Edition Image 1
  • Milked Almonds™ Barista Edition
    Milked Almonds™ Barista Edition Image 1
  • Milked Oats™ Barista Edition
    Milked Oats™ Barista Edition Image 1
  • Milked Almonds™
    Milked Almonds™ Image 1
  • Milked Cashews™
    Milked Cashews™ Image 1
  • Milked Walnuts™
    Milked Walnuts™ Image 1
  • Milked Hazelnuts™
    Milked Hazelnuts™ Image 1
  • Milked Peanuts™ Chocolate
    Milked Peanuts™ Chocolate Image 1
  • Milked Oats™
    Milked Oats™ Image 1
  • Chocolate Peanut Protein Shake
    Chocolate Peanut Protein Shake Image 1
  • Vanilla Bean Protein Shake
    Vanilla Bean Protein Shake Image 1
  • Unsweetened Milked Hazelnuts™
    Unsweetened Milked Hazelnuts™ Image 1
  • Unsweetened Milked Almonds™
    Unsweetened Milked Almonds™ Image 1
  • Unsweetened Milked Cashews™
    Unsweetened Milked Cashews™ Image 1
  • Unsweetened Milked Walnuts™
    Unsweetened Milked Walnuts™ Image 1
  • Unsweetened Milked Oats™
    Unsweetened Milked Oats™ Image 1