• What exactly is the Paleo diet (and can plant milks fit)?

    Paleo draws from the diet of the ancients, before the advent of agriculture. If you aren’t into meat, don’t worry. Many plants work, too!
  • Where to Begin with Keto (and How Plant Milks Can Help)

    Keto is a popular fat-burning diet, but is it right for you? Learn about Keto and how to build a ketogenic menu from plant-based options.
  • Is Added Sugar Bad for You: Taking the Bitter with the Sweet

    Added sugars are out of style and not too soon! Learn what too much added sugar can do and how to steer clear in the plant milk aisle.
  • What Is Nutrient Density: Getting the Most from Your Food

    Nutrition is more than just vitamins. The low-calorie, fortified option is not what you what you need – especially in plant milks!
  • Good Fats and Bad Fats: Where Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fit

    Fats are no longer the villain, especially omega-3! Learn how to forge a critical balance between omega-3 and its partner omega-6.
  • Dangers of Food Fortification and Enrichment

    Spiking plant milks with vitamins and minerals to fill a nutritional void in the products is common practice. Learn why it shouldn’t be!
  • Why Vegetable Oils Are Bad for You

    Vegetable oils have no place in our food supply – and yet they are in our food supply. Learn what makes them toxic and how to stay away.
  • Gums, Thickeners, and Emulsifiers in Food: Are They Really Bad?

    Guar gum. Carrageenan. Added gums and thickeners are so common in plant milks that one may barely pay attention – but should we?
  • Nut Milk 101

    Table of Contents What Is Nut Milk? A Lactose-Free Milk Alternative Types of Nut Milk All About Almond Milk All About Oat Milk All About Cashew Milk Healthy Coffee Creamers without the Side-Effects of Cream All About Walnut Milk All About Hazeln...
  • All About Hazelnut Milk

    Among tree nuts, the hazelnut has perhaps the most indulgent profile. Most distinctively, the international phenomenon of Nutella might not have happened with, say, almonds (too neutral), cashews (too buttery) or walnuts (too oaky) – or, then agai...
  • All About Walnut Milk

    For all of the fervor surrounding nut milks in the early 2010s, no company ever produced a walnut milk until just two years ago. Well, better late than never. This cerebral nut (both in shape and health-promoting properties), encapsulated within a...
  • Healthy Coffee Creamer without the Side Effects of Cream

    Coffee is a virtual obsession; a raging locomotive with no sign of decelerating. According to the National Coffee Association, two-thirds of US adults drink it, of which 80% take cream, sugar, or milk. Quantitatively, this means the coffee creamer...