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  • How Can I Help Without Helping the Spread? Coronavirus Tips

    Do you want to help coronavirus victims but find yourself living under quarantine? We have some ways to safely donate time and money for coronavirus relief!
  • Eating Us Dry: Cows, Water Scarcity, and How a Plant-Based Diet Helps

    1.5 billion thirsty cows are contributing to the global problem of water scarcity. Plants can deliver equal nutrition with far less impact.
  • Cows’ Heavy Footprint: How Shifting to Plant-Based Alternatives Can Help Reduce Emissions

    Livestock, led by cows, are a greenhouse gas emissions factory. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint by shifting to plants.
  • All About Cashew Milk

    First there was almond milk. Its dizzying acceleration upset the equilibrium of dairy and plant-based alternatives, tilting the moment sharply in favor of the latter. Almond milk grew to be a vastly valuable category. However, it turns out that ca...
  • Gums, Thickeners, and Emulsifiers in Food: What You Need to Know.

    Guar gum. Carrageenan. Added gums and thickeners are so common in plant milks that one may barely pay attention – but should we?
  • Dangers of Food Fortification and Enrichment

    Spiking plant milks with vitamins and minerals to fill a nutritional void in the products is common practice. Learn why it shouldn’t be!
  • All About Oat Milk

    Oat milk emerged on the heels of nut milk's unforeseen ascent at the dawn of this present decade. While almond milk may be credited as the impetus to the plant-based beverage craze extending beyond traditional soy and rice milk options, oat milk h...
  • Should I Try Whole30®? (and How Plant Milks Can Help)

    Whole30® is more than a diet. It’s an intense lifestyle experiment. Since dairy is off the table, plant milks can help pull you through!
  • Nutrition 101: Gums, Vegetable Oils, Fats & More.

    Nutrition is more than just vitamins. The low-calorie, fortified option is not what you what you need – especially in plant milks!
  • What exactly is the Paleo diet (and can plant milks fit)?

    Paleo draws from the diet of the ancients, before the advent of agriculture. If you aren’t into meat, don’t worry. Many plants work, too!
  • Where to Begin with Keto (and How Plant Milks Can Help)

    Keto is a popular fat-burning diet, but is it right for you? Learn about Keto and how to build a ketogenic menu from plant-based options.
  • Is Added Sugar Bad for You: Taking the Bitter with the Sweet

    Added sugars are out of style and not too soon! Learn what too much added sugar can do and how to steer clear in the plant milk aisle.