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  • Comfort TV: What to Watch & How to Watch It

    Find the best quarantine television discounts on your favorite streaming services.
  • How to Keep Your Kids Busy During Quarantine

    From puzzle to games to building rocket ships, learn how to keep your kids safe and satisfied while quarantining!
  • Tips and Tricks for Staying Productive and Entertained During Quarantine

    Without leaving the house during quarantine, learn how to stave off boredom and connect with friends, family members and coworkers while social distancing.
  • Making the Most of Meals in Quarantine

    Prepare delicious meals from your own kitchen during quarantine, with only a few ingredients and a little creativity.
  • Creating Space & Routine to Work from Home

    Our quarantine guide to working from home identifies easy ways to set up your home office space, establish boundaries, develop an at-work wardrobe and more.
  • It’s Hydroelectric! How Water Powers Elmhurst

    Join us on a journey to Niagara Falls, as millions of gallons of water become the clean energy behind Elmhurst’s plant-based milks, creamers, and lattes.
  • Tips for Working Successfully from Home

    Sure, it sounds great, but working from home isn’t easy! Here’s your guide to taking care of business while also taking care of yourself.
  • How Can I Help Without Helping the Spread? Coronavirus Tips

    Do you want to help coronavirus victims but find yourself living under quarantine? We have some ways to safely donate time and money for coronavirus relief!
  • Eating Us Dry: Cows, Water Scarcity, and How a Plant-Based Diet Helps

    1.5 billion thirsty cows are contributing to the global problem of water scarcity. Plants can deliver equal nutrition with far less impact.
  • Cows’ Heavy Footprint: How Shifting to Plant-Based Alternatives Can Help Reduce Emissions

    Livestock, led by cows, are a greenhouse gas emissions factory. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint by shifting to plants.
  • All About Cashew Milk

    First there was almond milk. Its dizzying acceleration upset the equilibrium of dairy and plant-based alternatives, tilting the moment sharply in favor of the latter. Almond milk grew to be a vastly valuable category. However, it turns out that ca...
  • Gums, Thickeners, and Emulsifiers in Food: What You Need to Know.

    Guar gum. Carrageenan. Added gums and thickeners are so common in plant milks that one may barely pay attention – but should we?