Fantastic Vegan-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s time to celebrate all the incredible moms out there!

This year, to show your mom how much you care, why not treat her to a unique vegan-friendly Mother's Day gift?

Whether your mom’s a long-time vegan, trying to eat more plant-based, or just interested in cleaner and more sustainable options, we’ve got a ton of unique vegan Mother’s Day gift ideas for you!

Why do Elmhurst Products Make Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts?

In addition to the health benefits and the fact that everything you can buy at Elmhurst is vegan-friendly and free from added junk like gums, and thickeners, there's one other reason that makes our range of plant and nut milks perfect for gifting.

The answer? They're all pantry-friendly until opened!

So, whether you’re getting your batch of Elmhurst products shipped to you and holding onto them until you see your mom, or you’re sending directly but don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling mom to be home for a delivery, it’s all good. None of our products need to be refrigerated until after they’re opened.

Now, about thos vegan Mother’s day gift ideas…

Vegan-Friendly Gifts For Coffee-Loving Moms

Vegan Creamers & Barista Collection Milks

Do any of the moms in your life need the perfect latte to start the day? Do they have a go-to coffee shop order or love playing barista at home?

If so, something from our Creamers & Barista Milks collection is the perfect vegan Mother’s Day gift. All you need to know is how your mom takes her coffee!

For example, if you know your mom is all about the taste of the coffee itself, we’d recommend our Barista Edition Oat Milk and Unsweetened Oat Creamer. The Barista Edition steams and foams beautifully for lattes, and the Oat Cramer can be used just like half-&-half. They’ve both got a creamy, balanced flavor that’ll let the notes of her favorite roast or blend shine through.

Now, if your mom prefers her coffee with undertones of other flavors, we can help you there, too! Our Barista Edition Plant Milks are also available in Pistachio, Almond and warm & toasty Maple Walnut, meaning there’s something subtly different that works for every taste preference and flavor profile.

And it’s the same story with our Plant-Based Creamers, too!

Along with our Unsweetened Oat Creamer, we have indulgent varieties like French Vanilla and Pistachio Crème, or Caramel Macchiato and Chai Spice for a splash of cozy cozy flavor. The best part? They’ve all got just 1g cane sugar per serving for a touch of sweetness and flavor without any unnecessary sweeteners or added junk.

Still can’t decide? Try our Barista Edition Variety Pack or Oat Creamer Variety Pack so your mom can try everything and find a new favorite!

Plant-Based Lattes

If your mom struggles to find the time to make a cup of coffee in the morning, our Plant-Based Lattes are a must-have.

A new addition to our range in 2024, our Plant-Based Lattes are available in Brown Sugar Oat, Caramel Cashew, Pistachio Crème, and Maple Walnut. All are crafted with your favorite Elmhurst Plant Milks and premium Arabica cold brew for the perfect balance. Each carton contains two servings and can be enjoyed hot or cold, making it easy to enjoy the perfect latte at home. Plus, with 5g of sugar or less, mom can feel good about every sip.

If you can’t decide which to choose, we’ve even got a Latte Variety Pack!

For Moms with a Sweet Tooth

Our Chocolate & Sweetened Plant Milks

Crafted with real dutch cocoa and whole grain oats, our Chocolate Oat Milk is perfect for the mommas who can’t get enough chocolate in their life. It’s perfectly creamy and sweet, with 75% less sugar than your average dairy chocolate milk.

For the non-chocolate lovers, we also have Sweetened Oat and Sweetened Cashew Milks. They’re rich, creamy, and like everything Elmhurst, crafted without any unnecessary ingredients. To get the perfect sweetness, these varieties have no more than 5g of real cane sugar. They’re great for shakes, smoothies, baking and more.

For Moms Who Love Simplicity (and Cooking!)

Our Unsweetened Plant Milks

Our Unsweetened Plant Milks are ideal for moms who love the simplicity and versatility of dairy-free milk. And as our unique HydroRelease™ Method helps us to make Plant Milk that are as rich and creamy as dairy without any added filler ingredients, they’re ideal for use in all her favorite recipes, too. Be sure to tell her about Elmhurst’s vegan recipe collection if she needs inspiration!

We now offer six different Unsweetened Plant Milks with unique nutritional benefits and flavor profiles, meaning there’s one to fit everyone’s routine. Try our Unsweetened Variety 6-Pack, or pick and choose varieties you know your mom will love.

For Moms who Love Seasonal Tastes

Our Vanilla Lavender Botanical Blend

As part of our limited-edition Seasonal Collection for Spring, we've got a bright and refreshing Vanilla Lavender Oat & Cashew Milk that’s perfect for upgrading your hot & iced drinks with vibrant botanicals. Vanilla Lavender is great in coffee or can be spiked with your mom’s choice of liquor to craft the ultimate specialty cocktail.

Treat Your Mom Now!

Whatever your mom loves, there’s something here at Elmhurst to help you treat her to something special. And if you really want to keep your appreciation flowing all year long, why not subscribe and save 10% when you schedule a delivery every 7, 14, or 30 days? Then your mom’s favorite Elmhurst products really can be the gift that keeps on giving!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!