The Perfect Vegan Sour Cream For Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is the biggest annual celebration of Mexican-American culture, and its trademark colorful parties and parades, lively music, and an array of delicious foods now inspire gatherings worldwide.

Much like other events that bring people together, preparing for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations to guarantee your guests have a great time is essential. And on this note, one thing you always need to be mindful of is guests with specific dietary needs or preferences. But what if you don’t want – or don’t have the time – to whip up several different versions of your favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes?

That’s where Elmhurst’s delicious Vegan Sour Cream comes in!

All About Our Plant-Based Sour Cream

Before we roundup some of our favorite dishes for Cinco de Mayo that pair perfectly with our Plant-Based Sour Cream, here are just a few of the reasons why we love it.

Elmhurst Sour Cream is Unbelievably Smooth & Creamy

To get our Vegan Sour Cream just right, we used a few wholesome, plant-based ingredients. Thanks to our unique HydroRelease™ Method, we’re able to capture all the nutrition of these plant ingredients and transform them into a rich & tangy sour cream without the need for added gums or filler ingredients. This makes our recipe just as smooth and creamy as traditional sour cream – your non-vegan guests might not even guess that it’s dairy-free!

Like everything Elmhurst, our Sour Cream is also 100% gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO. So whether you need to cater for lactose-intolerant guests or people who are vegan for various reasons, our dairy-free sour cream ticks all the boxes!

Elmhurst Sour Cream Contains Zero Sugar, Cholesterol, or Unnecessary Ingredients

Elmhurst Sour Cream Contains Zero Sugar, Cholesterol, or Unnecessary Ingredients

What isn’t so easy is to find a vegan sour cream that is a measurably healthier alternative to a traditional dairy version.

  • Zero cholesterol. Our plant-based sour cream has zero cholesterol, and can easily be a part of low-cholesterol to support heart health.
  • Sodium Free. Since our recipe is sodium free, it’s a good option if you’re looking to support healthy blood pressure.
  • No other hidden, unnecessary ingredients. Another benefit of our unique HydroRelease™ Method is that we don’t need to add gums, thickeners, or other hard-to-digest filler ingredients to make our dairy-free sour cream look and behave like the dairy version.

It’s Easy to Serve

To make our Vegan Sour Cream super simple to serve, we packed it in a 100% BPA-free, squeezable pouch.

That way, your guests can squeeze a little or a lot to top their favorite dishes themselves. Whether you want the perfect dollop on top of tacos, or a creamy drizzle on tostadas, our squeeze pouch has you covered. Plus, It’s mess-free and spoon-free, so you’ll have fewer dishes to clean up after!

4 Amazing Cinco de Mayo Dishes to Pair with Our Dairy-Free Sour Cream

Now that you know all about our Dairy-Free Sour Cream, let’s explore four amazing dishes you might add to your table that our smooth and creamy product could make even better. All our suggestions are plant-based, vegan-friendly Cinco de Mayo food ideas; remember, if you’re serving meat at your celebrations, to consider ways to avoid cross-contamination when using your vegan sour cream!

Elmhurst’s Easy Vegan Tostadas With Sour Cream

One thing we didn’t mention above is that you can also add chives and your other favorite herbs to our amazing Plant-Based Sour Cream to bring even more flavor to your dishes.

Granted, crispy smashed potatoes aren’t exactly what most people would consider a traditional Cinco de Mayo dish, but we think you’ll love our recipe and that it’d make a great addition to your table.

Why not try them as an appetizer or side dish during your celebrations?

Vegan Street Corn

Whether you’re planning on firing up the barbeque for Cinco de Mayo or grilling indoors, corn on the cob is always a fantastic way to add color and flavor to any table.

All you need to do is prepare the corn and then add as much or as little of our Vegan Sour Cream as you wish. Add freshly topped herbs and chili or paprika powder on top, and you’re good to go.

Check out The Edgy Veg for the recipe that inspired our suggestion.

Vegan Enchiladas

Enchiladas are the perfect example of a Cinco de Mayo dish where you may find yourself making a plant-based and a meat option – and where you can use your Plant-Based Sour Cream as a tasty topping or accompaniment for both.

The great thing about cooking up vegan enchiladas is that it’s a wonderful way to sneak lots of extra veggies in while delivering an incredible taste experience. And adding our dairy-free sour cream will lift it even further!

Love and Lemons was the inspiration behind this idea.

Vegan Sopes

Vegan Sopes are simple to make, contain few ingredients, and are perfect for customizing or making in part so your Cinco de Mayo party guests can choose their own fillings.

All you need to do is put them on your table and have your handy pouch of our Dairy-Free Sour Cream available as a topping, and let your guests enjoy as many as they can!

We got this fantastic Cinco de Mayo idea from Broke Bank Vegan.

Stock Up on Our Delicious Vegan Sour Cream Now!

Our Vegan Sour Cream is the perfect partner to all your Cinco de Mayo foods – not to mention a perfect dip for hundreds of other dishes, too!