Healthy Coffee Creamer without the Side Effects of Cream

Coffee is a national obsession; a raging locomotive with no sign of decelerating. According to the National Coffee Association, two-thirds of US adults drink it, and 80% of them add at least one of the following to their cuppa: cream, sugar, or milk. That means the coffee creamer market has cast its net over nearly half the US adult population!

But that growth isn’t necessarily just from an increase in coffee drinkers. We are living in an era of customization. We want choices and lots of them! And when it comes to coffee creamers, there’s an aisle at the grocery store full these days. From sweetness to source, and of course flavors - there are so many options to choose from it can honestly get a little overwhelming.

Let’s break it down to hopefully help make that decision a little easier!

carmael macchiato oat milk creamer


Here at Elmhurst, all our plant-based coffee creamers are made using our unique HydroRelease™ Method, which maintains more of the nutrients from the whole nuts, grains or seeds that we’re starting with. So you get to enjoy all that smooth, creamy delicious flavor without adding artificial ingredients, thickeners and gums to your morning cup o’ joe.

Unfortunately, most brands can’t say the same thing. Need an example? We’ve gathered up a snapshot of the nutrition you’ll find from popular coffee creamer brands and compared them to our Unsweetened Oat Creamer.

  • Ingredients: In other popular brands of dairy-free creamers, you’ll find 10+ ingredients including additives like lecithin, guar gum and gellan gum. Our creamers have as few as 5 simple, wholesome ingredients like whole grain oats and hemp cream.   
  • Calories: You’ll find up to 35 calories in a serving of other brands’ unsweetened plant-based coffee creamers, but only 10 in our Unsweetened Oat Creamer. Other brands’ sweetened creamers will carry up to 40 calories, compared to just 15 in our French Vanilla Oat Creamer.
  • Sugar: Other brands’ sweetened creamers contain up to 5g of added sugars. The most you’ll find in your favorite Elmhurst plant-based creamer is 1g


    Whatever your reasons for looking at healthy and plant-based alternatives to traditional coffee creamers, here are some of the nasty side effects of dairy-based cream that you can avoid by making the switch. 

    • Gut Health Issues: Dairy contains molecules that can make it harder for our bodies to digest the proteins in our food. These undigested proteins can then potentially enter our bloodstream, stimulating the immune system to send antibodies to attack it, which can lead to increased intestinal inflammation.
    • Presence of allergenic proteins: Casein and whey, allergenic proteins in cow’s milk, can often be mistaken by our immune system as gluten, causing digestive distress in individuals with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease.
    • Lactose intolerance: For most of us, production of the enzyme lactase decreases as we get older. When undigested lactose makes it to the colon, gut bacteria feed on it, leading to the production of excessive gas, bloating, and even diarrhea. It’s estimated that worldwide, around three-quarters of adults are lactose intolerant! And many don’t realize that we’re supposed to be lactose intolerant as we age since we can get our nutrients from other foods!

    In addition, in many dairy-based creamers, cream isn’t even the main ingredient. Instead, they’re made from blends of nonfat milk, cream, sugar, flavorings, and junk like oils, gums, and thickeners.

    Unsweetened oat milk coffee creamer


    Here are a few things you should look for in your coffee creamer:

    • Naturally creamy with no added gums or emulsifiers
    • Free of added oils
    • Plant-based
    • Dairy-free
    • Flavor and nutrition derived from the source ingredient

    We don’t believe this is asking too much, yet few coffee creamers actually meet all of these criteria. Two exceptions come from Elmhurst: plant-based creamers and our barista series, which includes an Oat Milk that performs like dairy in lattes and cappuccinos. Our Oat, Pistachio, Maple Walnut, and Almond Barista Editions, joined by barista-approved Cashew Milk and Coconut Cashew Milk, are unique in achieving a luxurious microfoam and satiny texture without the addition of any oils. 

    Dairy-free coffee creamer flavors


    Here at Elmhurst, we have a healthy plant-based coffee creamer for all tastes and occasions:

    • Original Unsweetened Oat Creamer. Subtle, always classic oat flavor that effortlessly blends into the background of any coffee flavor it combines with.
    • French Vanilla Oat Creamer. With just one gram of sugar, this creamer kisses a favorite childhood indulgence – soft serve vanilla ice cream basking in sugar cones – to bring you some nostalgia (without the sugar crash) for enjoyment at any hour of the day.
    • Caramel Macchiato Oat Creamer. A coffee shop favorite, this creamer blends rich, buttery, indulgent caramel with our Oat Milk and hemp cream for the perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness.
    • Pistachio Crème Oat Creamer. Or if you prefer something smooth, nutty, and buttery with more of a subtle hint of sweetness, this velvety and rich creamer is the one for you!
    • Chai Spice Oat Creamer. This creamer delivers the soothing comfort of chai spice mixed with our Oat Milk, hemp cream, and a small amount of natural cane sugar for a hint of sweetness.

    And if you’re unsure which one to try first, our Oat Creamer Variety Pack has you covered.


    Did you know coffee creamer isn't just for your morning coffee? This is especially the case when your creamer is simple enough (say, four ingredients) to function as an ingredient itself! Here are some ideas you can try today. All are courtesy of Elmhurst's resident chef, Tristan Hall. Have fun!


    (Serves 2 Cups)



    • In a blender combine, Elmhurst creamer, coffee, whiskey, agave syrup and vanilla extract. Blend for about 1 to 2 minutes until smooth and creamy.
    • Store in the refrigerator until ready to use for your favorite beverages. Shake well before use and enjoy!

    (Serves 6)



    • In a food processor, blender or high-speed blender add spinach, basil, hemp hearts, and garlic until well combined. Add Elmhurst creamer and lemon juice to bring the pesto to desired consistency. Season with salt and pepper to desired taste.
    • Toss with the desired choice of pasta and place into desired serving vessels.
    • Garnish with shaved vegan Parmesan cheese and enjoy!


    For all that's "new" in coffee creamers, much of it rehashes the old. Unwanted "bonus" ingredients, dairy, excessive amounts of sugar, lack of flavor, imitations upon imitations: it's all part of the game coffee creamers unfortunately play.

    But you don’t need to feel like you have to settle for junk. The coffee train is moving onto bigger and better options and so can you. Make the switch to healthy plant-based coffee creamers with Elmhurst!