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Milked Almonds™ Barista Edition

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There is a barista in all of us. A velvety cappuccino. A beautiful rosetta. OK, so maybe not everyone is that talented. But whether you’re looking for a high-performing steamer or delightful creamer, our Barista Editions, crafted with our HydroRelease™ method, have your coffee needs covered. With just 5 ingredients, this almond milk is a simpler, better choice from espresso bar to breakfast table.

Baristas. Who doesn’t admire these talented people behind the counter? Making beautiful rosettas. Pouring velvety cappuccinos. With our Elmhurst® Barista Editions, you can hone your skills at home. OK, so maybe you can’t do all that – but you can certainly learn.

It isn’t just for steaming to a microfoam though. Barista Editions make delightful creamers and lighteners, for special coffee experiences awakening the beautiful simplicity of life. What’s even simpler: we’re using just five ingredients. From espresso bar to breakfast table, Elmhurst is your answer to all of coffee’s possibilities.

  • Made with only 5 ingredients
  • No added gums or emulsifiers
  • Vegan, dairy-free
  • Carrageenan-free, gluten-free, no artificial flavors
  • Non-GMO Project verified
  • Kosher