Elmhurst Original Milk Elmhurst Original Milk


Made with Baristas for Baristas (and Everyone Else)

Elmhurst’s Barista Series realizes the vegan possibilities for coffee. Made with six ingredients or less, and free of added oils, these specialized plant milks offer reliable dairy-caliber performance, full of plant-based nutrition and flavor that works with coffee, not against it.

Simpler Ingredients

Many other barista editions use ingredients like rapeseed oil, gellan gum, or the controversial carrageenan. We don’t, and never will.

Foams flawlessly

From a coffee lover to a professional barista, these barista editions work perfectly to yield a smooth, flexible foam for your morning latte.

Flavor that enhances

Barista Editions are made to complement the flavor of the roast, rather than overwhelm it, making for a well-balanced cup.

A versatile tool for all coffee.

Elmhurst® Barista Editions work in all roasts – whether light or dark – and drinks, from silky lattes to velvety cappuccinos. They’re also perfect for both hot and iced applications.


Barista Oat Elmhurst® Oatly® Califia® Pacific® Minor Figures®
# of ingredients 5 11 7 7 6
Calories* 80 140 130 180 110
Total Fat* 1g 7g 7g 8g 5g
Protein* 3g 3g 1g 4g <1g
Carbs* 14g 16g 14g 23g 21g
Sugar* 4g 7g 3g 3g 10g
Added Oils No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Added Vitamins No Yes No No Yes
*Per 8 fl oz serving
Nutrition Data as of Aug 2019

What's Inside


Whole grain oats: There is nothing more North American than that. Ours come from the prairies of Canada.

Filtered Water

What more need to be said about the foundation of life? One thing is for sure: it will never go out of style.

What's Not Inside: Competitors use vegetable oils to add texture and creaminess. There is good reason we don’t.

With a velvety body and mild flavor, this barista oat milk plays well with any coffee. A pleasantly subtle oat flavor allows nuances of the roast to shine without the oily aftertaste that some other oat milks leave. This versatile offering allows for a multitude of milk and coffee combinations.

Which Barista Edition Is Right for You?

Oat Pistachio Almond
Key Nutrition 20g Whole Grain* 3g Protein 3g Protein
Protein* 3g 3g 3g
Calories* 90 100 90
Total Fat* 1g 4.5g 4.5g
Carbs* 17g 13g 10g
Sugar* 4g 7g 5g
Added Sugar* 3g 4g 3g
Sodium* 105mg 95mg 85mg
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*Per 8 fl oz serving | **650mg per serving of the 1.6g recommended daily value of Omega-3 ALA
Nutrition Data as of Aug 2019

How to Foam at Home

There are several ways to froth. You may have a fancy single-cup brewer that does it for you. Some people even use a Vitamix! Our favorite methods involve specialized (and sometimes not so specialized) equipment.

Electric frother. With a push of a button or turn of a knob, these hands-free machines heat and froth Barista Editions to your personal specifications. Then just pour it in!

Hand frother. Don’t be deterred by incidental resemblance to a medical device. A hand frother’s nifty spinning head gives you control as you turn your warm barista plant milk into the ideal foam.

Stovetop + French press. Little known fact, your French press can make a perfect foam. Heat your barista milk on the stove, pour in your press, and pump vigorously until it foams.

Shaker bottle. Use a shaker bottle (such as one you might use to mix protein shakes) to turn heated barista plant milk into a foam. Then add it to your coffee.

Different Types of Coffee Drinks

These days, coffee is more than just clunky metal cans. It’s a unique culture – one might even say art – rich in subtlety, sophistication, beauty, and boldness. Care to explore this drinkable museum? We thought so. Whether at home or in the shop, here are some favorite specialty drinks to try.


This undisputed favorite is made of a double-shot of espresso, hot steamed milk (plant-based or dairy), and a thin layer of milk foam.


The latte’s most popular counterpart is made with equal amounts of espresso, hot steamed (plant) milk, and milk foam.

Flat White

A flat white is somewhat stronger than a latte, made with a double-shot of espresso and a single layer of steamed milk which forms a velvety microfoam and enhances the dominant espresso flavor.


Of Spanish origin, the cortado uses espresso and an equal amount of lightly frothed hot milk, which serves primarily to reduce acidity and bitterness.


This simple drink is essentially dominant espresso topped with a small layer (one might say “spot”) of steamed milk.


Café Americano is espresso diluted with hot water, producing a beverage with similar strength, but a different flavor than, coffee.