Everything You Need to Know: Nut Milk 101

What Is Nut Milk? A Lactose-Free Milk Alternative

When done right, nut milk addresses the shortfalls of dairy, including lactose content, allergenic proteins, and environmental concerns. Only Elmhurst captures the nut's full potential, using a higher quantity, fewer ingredients, and a process that preserves flavor, creaminess, and the nutritional value of the source.

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Types of Nut Milk

Each nut has its own unique story, nutritional profile, flavor, and benefits. The key is translating the virtues of the nut to nut milk. Elmhurst alone can do so using both more nuts per serving and a process that retains the macro- and micronutrients of the source ingredient, whether almond, cashew, hazelnut, or walnut.

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All About Almond Milk

Almond milk is leader among nut milks for the almond's beloved flavor and full range of benefits, including healthy fats, vitamin E, and protein content. While some competitors remain deficient, Elmhurst captures the best of almonds using more nuts and a unique process that retains nutrition and flavor.

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All About Oat Milk

Oats were boring and common until oat milk came along. Its performance in coffee, in particular, has invited rediscovery of the gluten-free oat's nutritional benefits, largely rooted in its stature as a whole grain. Only Elmhurst claims a full serving of whole grains (16-20g) on its package.

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All About Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is an incredibly versatile #2 in nut milks, behind only almond. However, some cashew milks score low in nutrition. Elmhurst uses up to 5x as many nuts compared to its competitors, channeling the cashew's potential benefits for heart and bone health, vision preservation, and obesity prevention.

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Healthy Coffee Creamers without the Side-Effects of Cream

Dairy creamers may lend texture to coffee, but they come with issues, including allergenic proteins and lactose. Some "non-dairy" creamers still contain casein, a cow's milk byproduct, while many are cluttered with gums and oils. Among plant-based creamers, Elmhurst is using a simple and special ingredient to deliver easy omega-3 nutrition and soothing, earthy flavor to your cup.

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All About Walnut Milk

Walnuts, besides being an ancient symbol of wisdom, are rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3. There are two brands of walnut milk on the market. Among these, only one protects the integrity of the nut with 1400mg omega-3 ALA per glass and as few as two ingredients (versus 15).

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All About Hazelnut Milk

Not only do they feature in indulgent applications all over the world, hazelnuts are worthy antioxidants with potential benefits for blood sugar and cardiovascular health. Elmhurst captures the best of these two worlds with a responsibly delicious nut milk, protective of hazelnut nutrition with as few as two ingredients

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