How to Make an Easy Vegan White Russian

Vegan White Russian drink recipe // dairy free white russian, oat milk cocktail recipe, winter cocktail recipes Vegan White Russian drink recipe // dairy free white russian, oat milk cocktail recipe, winter cocktail recipes

The White Russian is an iconic, classic cocktail, and an early addition to any mixologist’s repertoire.

The best thing about it? It's simple to make and effortless to turn into a vegan-friendly version!

What’s in a White Russian Cocktail?

A traditional White Russian is a luxurious, decadent blend of vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream served over ice in an old-fashioned glass.

In our vegan White Russian version, we swap out the traditional cream for our delicious Barista Oat Milk. And good news: any of our other flavorful Plant-Based Creamers and Barista Milks work equally brilliantly.

What are the Origins of the White Russian?

The White Russian Cocktail was primarily born out of the cultural and societal shifts in the mid-20th century.

Its roots trace back to 1949 when the Black Russian – vodka and coffee liqueur – first appeared. But it isn't actually clear which drink was made first!

The drink saw a surge in popularity in the late 1990s after starring as the drink of choice of the protagonist of The Big Lebowski, and remains a favorite in homes, bars, and clubs worldwide.

So, Why is it Called a White Russian?

A Black Russian becomes a White Russian when you add cream – or our Barista Oat Milk!

The "Russian" is because vodka is the primary ingredient. There's no evidence that the drink has any origins in Russia!

How Does a White Russian Taste?

Individually, coffee, vodka, and cream probably don’t hold many mysteries for any of us.

But, when combined, you can enjoy a comforting indulgence that combines the rich, robust kick of coffee with the buttery smoothness of our Barista Oat Milk. You probably won’t notice the vodka at all – unless you opt for a flavored version!

When Should I Serve a White Russian?

Whenever you like! But seriously, our Easy Vegan White Russian is the perfect after-dinner drink. The creamy texture of our Barista Oat Milk - or your Elmhurst creamer of choice - and coffee flavor make it ideal as a dessert accompaniment or alternative, especially if you've just wowed your guests with another of your favorite Elmhurst plant-based recipes!

And, of course, it’s a great option if you ever want to lose yourself to relaxation in indulgent, soothing comfort.

A White Russian is the perfect drink to fill a gap in your hosting plan. It isn’t really an opening cocktail, and it isn't quite an end-of-the-evening drink, either. But it’s a great bridge between dinner and what comes next, a way to ensure guests are relaxed while the conversation and fun continue to flow.

Make Your Vegan White Russian the Elmhurst Way!

Serves: 1


*Optional: Cinnamon-Sugar Rum Before you get started, combine a little cinnamon + sugar on a small plate. Wet the rim of your glass, then dip while slowly turning the glass until it is lightly coated


  • Fill an 8oz glass with ice
  • Add the vodka and coffee liqueur
  • Top off with Oat Creamer and enjoy!

Make this simple cocktail to the next level using any of our flavored creamers! Some of our favorites for this recipe are Vegan French Vanilla Creamer, Vegan Caramel Macchiato, and our Pistachio Creamer. Please drink responsibly and enjoy!