The Best Plant Milks For Holiday Baking

Baking holiday cookies with plant milk

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to escape the cold weather by turning up the oven and indulging in our favorite baked seasonal treats.

And, of course, here at Elmhurst, you know we’re baking with our range of Plant Milks!

Read on to learn why using the right Plant Milk for baking can be the perfect way to treat yourself during the holidays.

Why Use Plant Milk for Baking During the Holidays?

There are many reasons to switch from dairy milk to baking with plant milks, both during the holiday season and the rest of the year. Let's look into our top 4 reasons for doing just that.

Matching Different Flavor Profiles

Dairy milk is, well, dairy milk, right? It doesn’t really bring anything extra to the party flavor-wise. That is unless you go to the store and buy artificially flavored dairy milk, which won't be much use for baking anyway since it’s usually loaded with gums and additives.

In contrast, because we make our Plant Milks using different nuts – or oats – you have a natural and broad range of flavors at your fingertips to elevate your holiday goodies.

Want to take a batch of Chocolate Crinkle Cookies to the next level by adding an extra layer of toasty, nutty flavor? Then try using our walnut milk! Or are you planning to show off your mixology skills to Christmas guests with a tasty cocktail? Our plant milk can take care of that, too.

If you regularly use our recipes, you'll notice that we’ll recommend our go-to for each but give you the option to swap in your favorite, giving you the flexibility to bring whatever incredible flavors you want into your festive baking!

You Can Get Seasonal!

Who doesn’t love seasonal flavors?

While you can always add seasonal spices and flavorings to your favorite festive recipes, our seasonal Plant Milks mean you can get most of what you need without adding anything else!

Our OatNog and Apple Pie Spice Blend aren't just for use in the obvious holiday recipes; they're perfect for upping those warm, cozy flavors in dishes you love throughout the year that you want to give a festive twist!

Our Plant Milks Don’t Fall Apart When Baking

We can talk all day about the potential to create amazing festive flavors – but you also want to know that everything you're baking with can take the heat, right?

With Elmhurst, you’ve got nothing to worry about when you use our Plant Milks for your holiday baking, but others can’t necessarily say the same. Because many are made with gums, added oils, and other thickeners and emulsifiers instead of more natural protein and good fats, other plant milks can split, curdle or get slimy, gummy or greasy. 

Baking is really a science, and when you have extra ingredients in your plant milks it can also affect things like doughs or batters rising aka breads, cakes or cookies going flat and even over or under-browning.

The way we make our Plant Milks using our unique HydroRelease® Method means you’ve got no surprise ingredients to worry about and there’s more nutrition than other non-dairy milk products so they behave just like dairy milk when you cook with them.

While we'd love for you to use some of our recipes to bring your festive food table to life, this means that you can take pretty much any recipe you're used to using with dairy milk, and swap in your favorite Elmhurst Plant Milk, and enjoy!

They’re Simple and Good for You!

As we were saying about our unique HydroRelease® Method, our Plant Milks preserve all of the goodness from the nuts or oats we use to produce them, and we create thick, creamy, full-flavored milks without adding nasties like gums, thickeners, fillers, or preservatives.

That means that baking with our Plant Milk can bring a healthy twist to your festive treats, even if you're creating indulgent treats like cakes, cookies, and pies!

What are the Best Plant Milks for Baking?

We think all our Plant Milks are great for baking, but a few stand out if you're just getting started with using Plant Milk in your cooking or want to know which are the most versatile and great for any recipe.

1. Unsweetened Coconut Cashew Milk

Our Unsweetened Coconut Cashew Milk is a perfectly balanced, creamy blend of coconut cream and cashews, fantastic for whipping up a seasonal latte or as the base for soups and sauces – as well as in all your baked festive treats!

2. Unsweetened Oat Milk

If you’re looking for a nut-free option, make sure our Unsweetened Oat Milk is on your holiday shopping list.

With just three ingredients and 25g of whole grain per serving, this versatile Plant Milk is the perfect dairy milk substitute for festive baking fun and special treats like seasonal smoothies or indulgent breakfasts.

Plant Milks Are a Great Holiday Gift, Too!

At this time of year, most of us face a challenge involving a question like "What do I get someone with or who already has X, Y, or Z?”

And if your X, Y, or Z means you need to find gifts for health-conscious people or gifts for lactose-intolerant individuals, for example, we have you covered!

The great thing about our Plant Milks is that they're all shelf-stable, so you don't need to worry about them sitting under the tree or having to fit everything in the fridge with your holiday groceries (or leftovers).

If you're buying our Plant Milk as a gift for the first time or are unsure what kind they’ll love most, treat them to Elmhurst's best with our Unsweetened Variety 6-Pack or any of our other Variety Packs so they can get a taste of everything!

Order Plant Milk Online with Elmhurst!

While you’re here – why not stock up on your favorite Plant Milk as a festive gift for yourself?

Remember that you can always order your favorite Elmhurst Plant Milk online and can save an extra 10% + $5 Off Shipping by subscribing for regular deliveries! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Holidays!