Almond Milk Health Benefits

Why switching to almond milk can be better for your gut, your skin and your heart

With a sudden spike over the past few years in interest in a plant-based diet, it might be tempting to believe that plant milks, such as almond milk, are relatively new products to the market. Not true -- almond milk has existed for centuries, likely a beverage of choice in the almond’s origin countries of the Middle East, North Africa and India for more decades than we’ll ever know. The hype surrounding almond milk might be relatively new, but only because we’re beginning to better understand the health benefits of almond milk, especially those benefits found in unsweetened almond milk.

So what are these benefits? Is there really that much difference in sweetened versus unsweetened almond milk? Is almond milk really as healthy as they say?

We’ve taken the time to answer these questions, and more. As long as you stick to the simplest recipes and ingredients when selecting your almond milk, you’ll be reaping the nutritional value of almonds and taking care of your body -- simply by drinking milk.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Almonds are recognized for containing high levels of Vitamin E. Vitamin E works hard in the body to lower cholesterol levels. Almonds are also high in unsaturated fat, which can work hand in hand with Vitamin E in lowering cholesterol. Additionally, this high concentration of unsaturated fats works to maintain post-meal satisfaction, helping to keep extra snacking at bay.

On top of that, many experts suggest that almond are an easy, tasty way to include more key nutrients throughout the day; naturally an excellent source of protein, magnesium, and zinc and an easy way to help you get closer to your daily recommended calcium intake.

Even having a handful of almonds throughout the day, these benefits are yours. Better yet, take advantage of one of the simplest almond milks on the market, made with only two ingredients - almonds and water. The more nutrient-dense the almond milk, the greater the benefits, which is why we make ours without emulsifiers, gums or artificial sweeteners and more raw nuts.

Skip the sugar

Finding an almond milk with little to no sugar doesn't have to be difficult, and these options offer infinitely more benefits than an almond milk full of additives. Sugar not only adds to the calorie count, but it works against the almond’s ability to help lower cholesterol, minimizing those healing properties. Not only that, but high sugar content can negatively affect skin clarity, gut health and immune functionality. It might take some time to get used to the pure, nutty flavor, but your body, skin and energy levels will all thank you for your attention to simpler ingredients. If your switch to almond milk is inspired by healthy living, you’ll want to take full advantage of almond milk’s nutritional value by opting for unsweetened almond milk instead when you can.

The best of the best

When you’re searching for the right almond milk, you’ll want an option that offers more of the health benefits without compromising flavor. That’s exactly the product we’ve created: a highly nutritional almond milk with no artificial sweeteners, for anyone looking to forgo the additives and cut straight to the chase. Why cut out health-boosting vitamins for gums or extra sugar, when you can enjoy a delicious, creamy almond milk free of it all, yet full of great flavor?

Blend the almond milk into your smoothies, use it as a dairy milk substitute in a recipe, pour it over your cereal, and be confident that the nutty flavor you’re enjoying is totally natural.