Walnut Milk Health Benefits

This brainy little nut is the new best friend to your heart and head

It’s possible that the last time you went to the store for milk, you weren’t expecting to find walnuts as a main ingredient. Next to the rows of dairy milk, you might expect to see almond milk, soy milk, maybe even oat milk, but walnut milk? Probably not.

If you’re not familiar with walnut milk, you’re likely in the majority. Walnut milk and its rich nutritional value are frequently overshadowed by its popular almond milk relative. Even though you may not be familiar with walnut milk, chances are you’re very familiar with its health benefits. Perhaps the plant-based milk industry’s best-kept secret, walnut milk, offers a creamy, and flavorful milk option you need to explore for yourself.

What’s in Walnut Milk?

We love walnut milk just as much for its taste as for its undeniable health benefits. Just as its better-known relative almond milk contains great vitamins and minerals, walnut milk offers its own series of dynamite healthy assets. Both serve as strong sources of Vitamin E, which is massively beneficial in maintaining healthy skin and immune system functionality.

Walnuts have always been considered brain food -- pretty easy to remember since these little nuts look fairly cerebral. Polyunsaturated fat and polyphenols found in walnuts act as antioxidants within the body, combating inflammation and damage from oxidation in the brain. Walnuts also target high blood pressure, offer rich Omega-3 benefits, promote weight loss, are critically important for gut health and can even help us age more gracefully (and who doesn't want to look younger longer?). Additionally, walnuts can actually help to cut down on extra snacking and curb those late night cravings due to their ability to make the stomach feel fuller, longer.

When you help yourself to one of the best walnut milks, you’re helping to make each of these distinctive health benefits your own.

From walnuts to walnut milk

Most nut milks are built using the same disappointing formula: average taste, excessive ingredients. You’ll find an ingredients list characterized by sugar, thickeners and other unnecessary elements. Long story short, you’re usually drinking 2% nuts and 98% unnecessary.

Our unique process, the HydroRelease™ method, helps us craft what most other plant-based milk providers cannot: a creamy, delicious product full of flavor and without potentially harmful, artificial ingredients. HydroRelease separates the nutritional components of the walnut using just water, which allows more of the flavor and nutritional value sourced from the walnut to remain. Because we want you to receive the full health benefits of the walnut, you’ll be getting 1400mg of Omega-3 and 3g of protein in each glass of walnut milk. You are guaranteed a delightfully nutty drink, and a healthy one at that!


The Walnut Milk Option

In order to source optimal health benefits out of your plant-based diet, it’s important to know which nuts offer the best vitamins and minerals for your needs. If you’re after heart health and brain boosts, walnuts are for you. For those who aren’t wildly into snacking on raw walnuts, the versatility of our walnut milk gives you the opportunity to receive much of the same nutritional value. Substitute walnut milk for dairy milk to give your chocolate chip cookies a distinct, Omega-3 boost. Blend walnut milk into your smoothie for a protein boost. Drop it into soups, stir it into iced coffee, try it in your favorite recipe and enjoy complete confidence in the beneficial choices you’re making for your health.