On the Benefits of Cashew Milk

Cashew milk has been around for some time. But how well do you know it? Those smiley little nuts are more than meets the eye. We found that out when we made Elmhurst Cashew Milk.

No, it isn’t your typical plant milk. I’ll explain. Let’s start with the simple stuff, because simple is what we do.

It’s vegan. No animal products here. This means no dairy either. Lactose, antibiotics, rBST hormone – we’re having none of it.

It’s non-GMO. GMOs are developed by people. Not nature – people. We are Non-GMO Project certified.

It has five simple ingredients. We’re talking simple, like cashews and water. You won’t find words like “gum” or “lecithin” on our panel. Thanks to our HydroRelease™ process, we don’t have to use them to be creamy and full.

It has more nuts. There are lots of cashews on our package, aren’t there? It’s pretty fantastic, especially when it’s the truth. We have up to 5x the nuts per glass of the other leading brands.

It’s a good protein source. More nuts means more natural protein. We’ve got four grams, zero of which are from anything other than cashews.

That’s all well and good, but what does it do? “You drink it,” we thought, as we proudly sent out into the world in 2017. But it wasn’t just made for the grocery shelf. It turns out there is a sense of humor behind that cashew smile. Where did we find our cashew milk, but on the town – in the coffee houses and cafés?

That is how – for its subtle flavor and beautiful foaminess – Milked Cashews™ became a barista-approved, coffee-boosting wonder. It has even been in latte art contests. How many cashew milks can say that?

Did we mention it’s great for cooking, too? Whether in your mug, bowl, glass – or all three – our cashew milk proves that simple doesn’t mean boring. Making more of less can be the best adventure of all!

Just ask a barista.