How to Create a DIY Holiday Coffee Bar

Having a DIY coffee bar at your next holiday gathering is a great, unexpected treat for your guests, and a simple way to ensure everyone gets their perfect cup just the way they like it.

Guests will be able to create their own personal coffee beverages using various add-ins and toppings, and then pair the coffee with something simple to eat and enjoy.

Today we want to teach you how to create a DIY holiday coffee bar, so you can easily put one of your own together for the holidays. This tutorial doesn’t have to be saved for the holiday season though. A DIY coffee station can be relevant throughout the rest of the year – whether for a baby or bridal shower, housewarming party, or any other friends or family get-together.

Simple Coffee vs. Specialty Drinks


For starters, you shouldn’t even have to ask yourself the question, “Should it be a simple coffee bar or one where people can make fancy, exclusive drinks?” The reason is that with the right items, your guests will have the option to enjoy either.

From a simple cup of coffee with a rich, plant-based creamer to a velvety cappuccino, the options will be limitless.

How to Create a DIY Holiday Coffee Bar

The best DIY coffee bars include:

1. Coffee cups

2. Flavorings

3. Sweeteners

4. Plant-based milks

5. Coffee

6. A simple food pairing

7. Some other miscellaneous items

Coffee Cups

Depending on the number of people who will be coming, you could display your coffee cup collection: new and old, modern and rustic. If your guest list far exceeds your coffee cup collection, grab some eco-friendly cups.


Various syrups and spices allow people to customize a coffee or latte to their liking. Various flavorings to consider include:



Pumpkin Pie spice

Sauces and syrups (Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate, Mocha)


Though many people prefer their coffees and lattes with as little sugar as possible, most still enjoy some sweetener, even if it’s just a few pinches. Some sweetener options to consider are:

Raw sugar

Coconut sugar


Maple syrup


Plant-Based Milks

Not all who drink coffee take it straight black. For those who add a splash (or several) of milk to their coffee, or prefer a plant-based milk latte/cappuccino to straight coffee, there is now a perfect variety. By including these options, your guests will be able to create whatever coffee drink they desire:

Elmhurst Cashew Milk. Elmhurst Cashew Milk is a subtly flavored, barista-approved, coffee-enhancing wonder! It foams beautifully, with a perfectly subtle flavor.

Elmhurst Barista Oat Milk. Whether you’re looking for a high-performing steamer or delightful creamer, Elmhurst’s Barista Editions have your coffee needs covered. With 5 ingredients and 16g of whole grain, this oat milk is a simpler, better choice for any occasion.

Elmhurst Barista Almond Milk. A crowd favorite, Barista Edition almond, like its oat counterpart, can be used as a high-performing steamer or simple coffee add-in.

Elmhurst Unsweetened Cashew Milk. Offering this option at your DIY coffee bar will provide an option for anyone looking for an unsweetened coffee beverage. Containing just two simple ingredients – cashews and water – and up to 5x as many nuts as other leading brands, it doesn’t get any simpler and better than this.



Coffee is, of course, the main attraction at a DIY coffee bar. To give guests the best options, consider offering both a decaf and regular coffee. Regular coffee from a carafe or French Press will do just fine. Consider including espresso of any kind as a DIY coffee bar bonus.

Simple coffee pairing

If you want to offer something small to eat with the coffee, here are some simple coffee pairings you could set out:


Mini muffins

Mini donuts


Simple pastries or biscotti


And last, but certainly not least, there are a few other basics – and many other items – that you may choose to offer your guests. These will make it easier for them to truly DIY their coffee and enjoy it to the fullest:

Hand-held frother

Peppermint sticks

Cinnamon sticks

Stir sticks or spoons


Whipped cream

Have you ever done a DIY coffee bar? Tell us in the comments below if there is anything we missed.