15 Workouts (Outside a Traditional Gym)

There is nothing wrong with the large gym atmosphere. In fact, these facilities have a ton of things to offer; above and beyond what you might ever use. But that’s the point. Sometimes having access to too much and too many options makes us feel less empowered to act.

If you’re looking to change-up your workouts and bring a whole new sense of fitness into your life, being intentional about what you choose to achieve that might make all the difference this year.

We have put together a list of 15 workouts with no gym needed to help you achieve your fitness goals this year.

15 Workouts (Outside the Gym) to Help Conquer Your Goals

15 Workouts Outside the Gym

    1. Hiking. There is no gym membership required for this one. You’re simply getting a workout outdoors by hiking, walking, or trail running. Explore new areas while challenging your fitness capabilities.
    2. Biking. Grab your bike and find a new path. Biking is easy on the joints and provides many cardio benefits.
    3. Swimming. Find a pool, indoors or outdoors, and challenge yourself to swimming laps. Swimming, like biking, is super easy on the joints, and makes for a great total-body workout.
    4. Home workouts via a YouTube Channel. If you need some extra help getting and keeping motivated but don’t want to leave your house, consider working out with YouTube. The Internet is host to hundreds of free workouts with inspiring instructors. Some of our favorite channels for you to consider include: Amanda Russell, Blogilates, Fitness Blender, Popsugar Fitness, Yoga with Adriene, and HASFitIf you’re not into following a video, but still enjoy exercising from the comfort of your own home, choose bodyweight exercises, free weights, HIIT (high intensity interval training), resistance bands, Tabata circuits and more to get in a great workout. Need some ideas for getting started? Check out THIS “Build Your Own HIIT Routine.” For even more ideas see our Fitness Pinterest Board.
    5. Yoga and Pilates. If you are looking to do more yoga or Pilates, there is likely a studio near you to begin a practice. These studios are usually fairly small and intimate, if this setting suits you best.
    6. Boutique studio classes. These days you can find a boutique studio for almost any activity desired. Barre? Soul Cycle? Core Power Yoga? These are all workouts that don’t include running workouts that don’t include running and can be found nationwide.
      group yoga class
    7. Stand Up Paddle boarding. If you’re really ready to try something new, consider stand up paddle boarding which will allow you to play on the water and get a full-body workout.
    8. Snow Sports. Skiing/Snowboarding. During the winter, you can change up your workouts to include a snow activity (if you live in a snowy region). Consider trying skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. Even if you’ve never done it, it’s never too late to take a class or two prior to hitting the outdoors.
    9. Basketball/Tennis Court. Most communities have various outdoor courts for anyone to use. Join a game of pickup basketball or find a partner to hit the tennis courts with.
    10. Indoor Rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing has become a popular activity for fitness enthusiasts. It will challenge your strength while giving the harness security you might want or need. HERE is a great resource to find an indoor rock climbing gym near you.
    11. Walking. It might seem like the simplest option for getting a workout in outside the gym, but it is the most popular form of exercise. Walking is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced stress, and more.
    12. Dancing. When all else fails, turn on some music and dance. You can find free online videos, go to a dance studio, or simply dance on your own terms at home.
    13. Rollerblading. Grab your helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards, and put your cardio limits to the test with rollerblading. From muscle endurance to improving balance, rollerblading has it all.
    14. Find a flight of stairs. One of the most common pieces of advice for burning more daily calories is to “park the car further away.” If you want to take this up a notch, turning it into an all-out fitness activity, find a flight of stairs and be intentional about walking or running them. You can do indoor or outdoor bleachers; indoor or outdoor stairs. Your heart will be pumping.
    15. Jump roping. For as little as $5, you can get a great workout by simply jumping rope. Try THIS 30-day jump rope challenge.