Unsweetened Milked Hazelnuts™

We see the world in two words. Simpler. Better.™ What could be simpler than two ingredients? But when those ingredients are hazelnuts and water – that really is better. What’s more, it’s real. We call it Unsweetened Milked Hazelnuts™, and it isn’t just made for the glass. Use it to give your iced coffee, smoothie, or cereal an extra boost.

Simpler. Better.™ This is what we call ourselves, because this is what we are. It’s how we see our products, because it’s how we see life. Now, exactly how simple can a plant-based drink get? Our unsweetened hazelnut milk can answer that. As simple as two ingredients – hazelnuts and water – because that’s all you really need.


What can you do with two ingredients? When it’s Unsweetened Milked Hazelnuts, you can energize your iced coffee or cereal, or enjoy 4 grams of natural nut protein from the glass. We make all of this happen without added sugar – or added anything. That really is simple, isn’t it?


  • Made with 2 simple ingredients – hazelnuts and water

  • Up to 2x more nuts per serving compared to other leading brands

  • No added sugars

  • No added gums or emulsifiers

  • Vegan, dairy-free

  • Carrageenan-free, gluten-free, no artificial flavors

  • Non-GMO Project verified

  • Kosher

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Ingredients filtered water, hazelnuts
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