What Makes a Good Vegan Chocolate Milk? Elmhurst®!

Admit it. Chocolate and milk go together – really well. That leaves people in the plant-based world at a slight disadvantage, looking for a way to satisfy this craving… without cows.

Now, you can’t have a vegan milk chocolate, but a vegan chocolate drink can be done. There are a number of dairy-free chocolate milk options out there already. But a few things will separate the best from the rest.

  1. Protein – You have to hand it to milk for being a pretty good protein source. Generally speaking, beyond soy, plant milks have not been able to match dairy in protein content. It takes a lot of nuts… or maybe a different kind of nut.
  2. Flavor – Many of us grew up loving the creamy consistency of milk. Add chocolate, and wow… Even if it wasn’t guilt-free, it was good. If there were only another magical combination out there…
  3. Cleanness – Here is another catch. Can a vegan chocolate milk match dairy in protein and texture without gums, emulsifiers, and other additives? Not easily. Just take a look at some of the labels.

So, it’s difficult to find a chocolate milk alternative that is all of the above – protein-packed, satisfying, and junk-free. At least it was until Elmhurst’s Chocolate Milked Oats™ came along.

Elmhurst has found a way to capture their best in a drink. Our HydroRelease process checks all of the boxes, retaining the whole grain’s natural protein in a rich milk-like emulsion – no gums or emulsifiers needed. All that’s left is to add some vegan Dutch cocoa, and you have a partnership as iconic as chocolate milk, maybe better: chocolate oat milk.

Let’s see how it matches, 8oz glass-for-glass, nutritionally:

  • Chocolate Dairy Milk: 210 calories, 8g protein, 5g saturated fat, 24g sugar1
  • Milked Oats™ with Chocolate: 110 calories, 3g protein, 0.5g saturated fat, 4g sugar

Fewer calories with a lot less sugar? We’ll take it. Maybe we’re a little biased because we made Milked Oats™ with Chocolate. But here at Elmhurst, we have a code. We don’t do just anything – only what’s simpler and better.

Plant-based indulgence with a conscience. That’s simpler and better, indeed.




1 Eat This Much, 2018