Answers to Elmhurst Products: Shelf-Life and Refrigeration


Our products our shelf-stable. This means they do not have to be refrigerated before opening, unlike many dairy or plant milks. This is not because of magic, or strange additives. It’s in the way the product is packaged.

We use an aseptic process. Basically, we sterilize the product using a quick shot of heat, then fill it into an airtight carton. Because no air can get into the package, you don’t need refrigeration to keep bacteria from growing.

So, it’s perfectly safe to consume a carton that’s been sitting outside of the dairy case at the store, or on your front porch. (It’s also OK to drink if it has been in the refrigerated case – that’s just because some people like things cold.)

You should not consume the product after the date printed at the top of the package, which is six months from when it was manufactured. Until then, have fun. Order enough to last awhile. Keep it in your pantry, on your counter – or bring it along on the road.


Once you twist the cap and break the seal, air gets into the product. It is no longer shelf-stable. Now you do have to refrigerate it, and consume within 5 to 7 days.

Aseptic packaging may seem a space-age marvel. In fact, it has been around for decades, and is well-tested and accepted. We use it because it gives more opportunity to make Elmhurst™ a part of your simpler, better lifestyle.

We hope this helps.