5 Coffee Cups We Can’t Live Without

a loaf of bread, coffee cup, creamer and a coffee canister

There are two things that can make for the perfect morning:

  1. Enjoying that first cup of coffee in complete silence.
  2. Having said cup of coffee in your favorite cup or mug.

After sipping coffee out of hundreds of cups, we have found the 5 coffee cups we can’t live without.

5 Coffee Cups We Can’t Live Without

5 coffee cups we can't live without

  1. Black Stripe Mug from Wolf Ceramics. This is one of the most unique mugs because Wolf Ceramics wares are all handmade and each piece varies slightly. The general look of this mug is a hand thrown red stoneware with satin white glaze. It holds about 10oz of beverage (perfect for a Matcha Latte) and is intended for everyday use.
  2. Matte Ceramic Mug in Granite Speckle from Food52. Food 52 deems this mug their “Sunrise Sipper,” so enjoying your coffee out of it first thing in the morning is precisely what it was intended for. Each mug is hand thrown in Portland, Oregon, creating smooth curves, an unglazed, sanded surface with a glazed interior, and tinted clay. While we love the Granite Speckle color, it also comes in Blush, Terracotta, Mint, and Charcoal, holding about 8oz of beverage.
  3. 18th Street Mug from Crate&Barrel. We love how this mug is modern yet rustic and expressive. The mug was designed by Kathy Erteman at her 18th Street studio in New York City. It holds about 14oz of beverage, and has a raised clay rim featuring a sandy glaze that evokes the feel of exposed terra cotta.
  4. Paper & Clay Mug from West Elm. “Brit McDaniel of Paper & Clay draws inspiration from her love of Scandinavian design to create ceramics that are both beautiful and usable.” The mug is also available as a set with a vase and planter. Each mug, vase, and planter is finished in a glaze that was developed from scratch and yields unique colors that are perfect to mix and match.
  5. Bodum ® Bistro Mug from Crate&Barrel. This hip Bistro style mug is perfect for making your own Café Au Lait. Holding 10oz of liquid, you’ll love watching as Elmhurst Milked Oats™ infuses into the dark coffee, creating a delicious, lighter blend.

pouring barista almond milk into coffee

These 5 coffee cups we can’t live without are simple and exquisite; simpler, and better.

You don’t need a lot of things in order to have the best things.

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