Top 7 Plants that Require Minimal Care

small and large indoor plants that require minimal care

Keeping plants indoors offers some of the following benefits:

Improved air quality.

Less background noise.

Reduced stress levels.

There are almost 400,000 plant species known. Not all of them are simple and easy to care for, but the following 7 plants are simple, requiring minimal care.

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Top 7 Plants that Require Minimal Care

Top 7 Plants that Require Minimal Care


  1. Cactus.
    If you water Cacti too often (or its container has poor drainage), it will die. Additionally, a Cactus should follow its natural growth cycle, which is to go dormant in winter and then wake up in spring. This makes caring for the Cactus easy. During winter, place the plant where it’s dry and cold (but not dark) and stop watering it altogether. Once spring hits, keep it in the sunlight and water from time-to-time, without ever overwatering.
  2. Aloe.
    With its spiky leaves, the Aloe plant is a unique and beautiful house accessory. All you have to do for a happy Aloe plant is keep it tightly packed in well-drained soil, in a sunny area, and water it approximately one time every two weeks. They say the Aloe plant is great for those with a black thumb.
  3. Umbrella Tree.
    You’ll love the Umbrella Tree plant for its ability to provide cleaner, fresher air in addition to its low-maintenance profile. If you forget to water the Umbrella Tree for a week or two, it will survive; it might not, though, if you overwater it. While the Umbrella Tree plant requires minimal care, children and dogs can become sick if they chew or ingest its leaves.
  4. Succulents.
    Succulents require minimal care, but only if you choose the right Succulent variety. “In general, Succulents that have bright colors (such as reds, purples and oranges) don’t do well indoors. They require some direct sun and more light than is generally available indoors.” Thus, when choosing a minimal indoor Succulent plant, opt for the ones that are naturally green. Beyond this, just ensure that your Succulent is placed near a window for sunlight all day long.
  5. Spider Plant.
    One of the best things about Spider Plants is their air-purifying ability. They also thrive in partial light and heavily shaded areas and can go 1-2 weeks without water.
  6. Lucky Bamboo.
    The old wisdom says that the Lucky Bamboo brings good fortune and prosperity for at least a year. Good fortune and prosperity without a lot of work? We’re in.Lucky Bamboo< requires one simple thing: water. “Just provide it abundant water and it’ll grow well even in indirect light.”
  7. Orchids.
    The most important (and basic) thing Orchids need is direct sunlight and a lot of it. An Orchid’s sponge-like, ball-shaped roots quickly absorb water and nutrients around it, and it only needs to be watered 1-2 times per week.

Did we leave your favorite minimal plant off the list? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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