4 Ideas to Grow and Experience More in 2019

A woman that just hiked to the top of a mountain

Have you ever wondered about how to live simpler, better, and healthier – all-in-one?

Today we are giving you 4 ways to grow and experience more this year. In so many ways, these could be your answers to the question above.

4 Ideas to Grow and Experience More in 2019

4 Ideas to Grow and Experience More
  1. Travel more.
    Aesop stated, “Adventure is worthwhile.” Traveling helps change your perspective on the world and on your own life. In fact, it’s been stated time-and-time again how travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer. The benefits of traveling are limitless. We believe in traveling as often as possible, and to help inspire you to seek more in 2019, we’ve put together some simple travel inspiration.
  2. Learn a new language.
    It’s never too late to learn a new language. Studies even show that being bilingual can be great for the brain. Ideas for how to learn a new language include: buying vocab books, downloading language apps like Duolingo, using other resources like Rosetta Stone and Babble, Googling, and practicing daily: speaking, writing, and reading.
  3. Read more; scroll less.
    A phrase commonly heard is, “There is no time for….” There is time, though, and one way to see how much you might be able to free up is by tracking your online scrolling habits for one day. Then replace some, or all, of this time with reading a book you’ve been eyeing for a while, saying, “There is no time for reading

    Reading is a good way to relieve stress

  4. Take up a new hobby.
    Ideas for a new hobby are endless. Some ideas to get you started include: starting a collection of sorts, engaging in a new form of fitness, cooking and baking, backpacking, learning a new instrument, home brewing, painting, thrifting, writing/blogging, and volunteering.

Of course, there are thousands more. We’d love to hear your favorite hobby and/or a new hobby you’re taking up in 2019. Share with us in the comments below or tag us in it on Instagram. (By spending more time on experiences vs. things, your 2019 could be a year of unforeseen inspiration.

Inspiration, and simplicity, is our wish for you.