The Unsweetened Life: It’s Better with Elmhurst®

Growing up in a decade of sugar, I remember “unsweetened” as a pretty dull proposition. There was really no stigma attached to super sugary foods in the 1990s where I lived. Most of the burden fell upon fat, which was highly generalized. Fat = bad – a doctrine we all lived in.

Meanwhile, sugar drinks and candy ran wild (as did we, being wound-up on them) with their “fat free food” labels. Even the “healthy” alternatives – the ones plastered with the dubious word diet – were sweetened… with artificial things one continued to taste for hours.

Those were the days, but the world is changing. Things will never be the same for excessively sweetened foods. Copious amounts of refined sugar are out. Unsweetened is in. No, Elmhurst® did not bring it back – but we think we might understand what this is really about. We know you don’t want much added sugar. But there must be a positive side: What do you want?

Elmhurst’s Unsweetened line recently grew to four. Each of our original products, which made their debut in 2017, now has a two-ingredient counterpart. Our almond and hazelnut – and newly introduced cashew and walnut – varieties are minimalistic and uncluttered. True, some may describe them in bland words. “Watching paint dry” – or some like cliché.

We see it differently than drying paint (though even that may reveal its treasures in time). Picture a patio table – maybe a bench – with a view to a garden. We will leave the flowers, fragrances, and sounds to your preference. Now imagine sipping the unblemished taste of pure nuts, creamy and smooth. Droll? Boring? Tedious?

Or simply perfect?

Our company is both young and old. We have roots in 1925. Granted, Elmhurst was different then (it produced dairy milk) – but if those were simpler times, when one could take more from less, we’ve certainly kept true to ourselves. You will not find a truer example than our two-ingredient plant milks. Devoid of extras. Full of flavor and nutrition pulled straight from the source nut. Made for today and simpler, better times to come.

Speaking of simple – I always enjoyed giant cardboard boxes growing up. They were far more fun than the refrigerator or cupboards that came inside. So basic and yet limitless. Here are some ways to stretch the limits of our most basic products.

Unsweetened Milked Almonds™, with 5g protein per glass, is an excellent choice for drinking, cereal, and smoothies.
Unsweetened Milked Hazelnuts™ brings flavorful possibilities to iced coffee, smoothies, and cereal.
Unsweetened Milked Cashews™, made with 5x more nuts per serving than other leading brands, is great for cooking and coffee.
Unsweetened Milked Walnuts™ has 1400mg ALA Omega 3 per serving, ideal for smoothies, iced coffee, and cereal.

So, cut the extra sugar and enjoy the riches hidden therein.

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