Ingredients & Nutrition

Yes, all our products are verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.

Yes, all Elmhurst products are FDA-approved gluten-free and our oat products are officially Certified Gluten Free.

Yes, all Elmhurst products are dairy-free.

Yes, all of our products are verified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association.

We aren't certified organic, but we do still take great care when it comes to our sourcing and selecting our ingredients. All our products are 100% Plant-Based, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher; and contain no artificial ingredients.

The oats we use in our products are all grown following Purity Protocol. This means the crops and fields are tested to best ensure that they haven’t been treated with or exposed to Glyphosate.

We use different blends of natural flavors in certain Elmhurst products. All the natural flavors we use are 100% plant-based and derived from natural ingredients like spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plant materials. They’re also all recognized as safe by the FDA and are verified Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Kosher.

No - the Salt listed in the ingredients of our products is non-iodized high grade vacuum evaporated salt - aka table salt.
In some of our products we also use Pink Himalayan Salt. This salt is found naturally inside of the Himalayan Mountains and we’ve confirmed with our supplier that is doesn’t contain any known allergens, including the crustacean shellfish allergen.

Almonds – California
Walnuts – California
Hazelnuts – Oregon
Cashews – Brazil
Oats – Canada
Hemp – North America

Shelf Life, Storage & Packing

No - if the cartons or bottles are unopened, you can safely keep any of our products at room temperature until you’re ready to enjoy! After opening, keep refrigerated and use within 7-10 days.

Unopened, you can enjoy your Elmhurst product until the date stamped on the package (this will vary depending on when your batch was made). After opening, store in the refrigerator and use within 7 to 10 days.

No preservatives here! All Elmhurst products are packed and sealed in a sterile, airless environment (aka aseptically packed) so if kept sealed they can last much longer without additives even at room temperature. But, once opened you’ll need to refrigerate and use within 7-10 days.

Because we don’t use gums or emulsifiers, some separation is natural especially if the product hasn’t been touched for a while. Simply give the carton a good shake and it should come back together.

Purchasing & Shipping

Elmhurst is available at wide variety of stores across the US and Canada. Check our store locator here to find a store near you and keep an eye out for your Elmhurst favorites across the globe, we’re constantly adding new locations to our list.

Depending on the store, you can find Elmhurst products in refrigerated section near the other plant-based milks. Or, because we're shelf-stable, you may also find us on the shelf where other plant-milks are sold (like the natural foods area).

Yes! You can order any of our products through our website and have them delivered.

We’re currently able to deliver our products directly through our website anywhere within the contiguous United States. Unfortunately, we can’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside of the US just yet.

Yes! Our products are safe to be shipped and stored at room temperature. However, once opened, they will need to be refrigerated and used within 7-10 days.

Barista Editions & Creamers

Our Barista Editions were specifically made to use with coffee or tea with the help of actual baristas. They’re the best option for steaming, frothing, and creating beautiful latte art, or simply lightening up and adding a splash of creaminess to your cup of coffee.

While our Barista Editions were specifically made for coffee, our Milked Cashews is great on its own, in smoothies, to bake with, and in coffee too! It steams and froths the way baristas need it to, so we’ve marked it Barista Approved.

Dipotassium phosphate is a safe water-soluble salt. At less than 2% of our barista products, it helps achieve professional-grade steaming and foaming performance.

Yes! Although our Barista Editions are closer consistency-wise to milk, they can still be used as a creamer.

Hemp Creamer

In some of our products you'll see that we've added hemp cream. This is made from FDA-approved industrial hemp seeds using the same HydroRelease method we use to make our other products.

Nope. The hemp in our products only contains trace amounts of THC, the compound that produces psychoactive effects in cannabis, as per FDA regulations.

No. There’s no CBD in any of our products.

Nope! The natural THC content of the hemp used in our products is extremely minimal (as required by the FDA to be considered industrial hemp) and won't be detected in drug testing.

Yes. Hemp is safe for children.

About Elmhurst

Yes and no. After closing Elmhurst Dairy in 2016, owner Henry Schwartz introduced Elmhurst 1925 in 2017 as a plant-based company. These days, Elmhurst focuses on delivering the best plant-based alternatives made with simpler, better ingredients and more nutrition from plants.

1925 is the year Elmhurst Dairy was founded in Queens, NY. When we made the switch from dairy to 100% plant-based, we kept the Elmhurst name and the year “1925” in honor of Henry's family legacy.

Elmhurst is based in Elma, NY – a suburb of Buffalo. And yes! We make all of our products right in Elma.

"Milked" refers to the result of our special HydroRelease™ process, transforming whole grains, nuts, and seeds into naturally creamy and delicious, nutrient rich beverages.

There actually weren’t any. For over 90 years Elmhurst Dairy was exclusively a dairy processing company, sourcing its milk from independent dairy farms and cooperatives.

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