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No, we do not use GMOs in any of our products, and are Non-GMO Project verified.

Yes, all of our products, including our grain milks, are gluten-free.

No, we are not certified organic. However, we take great care in selecting our growers. We can guarantee that all of our products are plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO; and free of carrageenan, and other gums and emulsifiers.

Yes. We do not use dairy, nor animal products or byproducts.

No. In fact, we do not use any added gums or emulsifiers in our products.

We use proprietary combinations of natural flavors. All are plant-based, derived from spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots other plant materials. All of our natural flavors are considered safe by the FDA and American Vegan Association, and are Non-

No, our products use neither sea salt nor iodized salt.

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