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Elmhurst is a simpler, better option among plant-based milks. To start, all of our products have six or fewer ingredients, and no added gums or emulsifiers. We use more of the source ingredient – up to 4x per serving – than our competitors. What’s more

No. After closing Elmhurst Dairy in 2016, owner Henry Schwartz formed Elmhurst Milked as a new company. It bears the same name to preserve a family tradition, dating back to 1925, while introducing a new take on nutrition that is entirely plant-based.<

Elmhurst is based in Elma, New York, a suburb of Buffalo.

All Elmhurst products are made in Elma, New York.

“Milked” refers to our process for drawing the full nutrition from nut, grain, and seed ingredients. Not only do our products contain more nuts than our competitors – our HydroRelease™ method uses water to separate and recombine the nutrients in a crea

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