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Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

Srawberry Vanilla Smoothie Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

What if we told you there was an option for a Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie that contained far less sugar than almost every other Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie recipe out there?

It all starts by using the right milk base, one that contains very little sugar. If you love almond milk, this smoothie is the perfect solution. It uses Elmhurst Unsweetened Almond Milk which contains nothing more than water, and nothing less than the truth. And by the truth, we are referring to the fact that this unsweetened beverage is packed with 18 whole, raw almonds into every glass. Furthermore, there is no sugar, no salt, and no natural flavors.

Beyond that, this smoothie uses frozen cauliflower instead of a banana. If you’ve never tried this swap, you’re in for a pleasant surprise as cauliflower helps make the shake thick and creamy while adding a boost of fiber, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium.

The smoothie is lightly sweetened with strawberries and just a hint of maple syrup.

It’s so good that, even though it’s a recipe built for two, you’ll likely not want to share. And that’s okay, too, because round two can be made in 5 minutes or less.

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