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Working Out for Peanuts: Elmhurst® Protein Shakes Have Arrived

Don’t say you weren’t warned. We told you a peanut protein shake was coming. And voila! It’s here. Elmhurst® is proud to introduce The Cleanest Protein Shake on the Planet™ – now available from our website in chocolate peanut with 20g protein per carton.

This is new for Elmhurst. It’s our first foray beyond plant milk. But it’s also new among protein shakes – even vegan protein shakes – because we’re the first to use peanut protein. You can read all about why this matters here.

In short, we’ve pulled the best from the timeless but still underrated peanut. Add an extra spark to your active life with 20g of this fine protein. If you’re into the science, peanut protein contains all nine essential amino acids, including the branched-chain amino acids isoleucine, leucine, and valine.1

If you’re all about the flavor (admit it, you care a little) – our shake doesn’t have that protein taste. This is because we are neither using whey nor added, refined soy and pea proteins. After a good workout you shouldn’t have to endure the recovery drink, too.

Now, you may be thinking, “OK, but what else is in it…” Don’t worry. We call it “the cleanest” for a reason. Other protein shakes have made a game of endless ingredient lists, full of prefixes and syllables. (They really roll of the tongue, too.) Well, we are not playing. As always, we use six ingredients or less. No added gums or emulsifiers. And nothing called “isolate.”

So, it seems a simpler, better protein shake is possible after all. Visit to pick up a 4-pack or two. It may be an old cliché to say you have to try it. But you really do. Enjoy!

1 Natarajan, K. R. (1980). Peanut Protein Ingredients: Preparation, Properties, and Food Uses. Advances in Food Research, 215-273.