Top 7 Minimalist Holiday Gifts

The holidays are a busy time of year and sometimes it’s easy to find yourself going through the motions rather than truly experiencing and enjoying the season. Which is why this year, we want you to consider taking a more minimalist approach to the holidays.

Minimalism is about more than simply having fewer things. It’s about striving to be more purposeful in your decisions and actions to make room for what’s most important to you. This can apply to many aspects of life, but one of the easiest places to start is with your holiday gifting. Consider simplifying and finding more meaning with any of these top 7 minimalist holiday gifts.

In choosing the path towards a simpler, more thoughtful holiday, you could find yourself centered and present for all the good this time of year tends to bring.

"The ability to simplify
means to eliminate
the unnecessary so
the necessary may

-Hans Hofmann

  1. Timeless multipurpose decor. William Morris stated, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” When you give a gift that is both useful and beautiful, it’s sure to be used and/or seen daily with favorable thoughts. Consider a terracotta pot, sticking a tag in the pot with an idea for the perfect plant to fill it with (see #7 on this list for a plant idea). Or how about a gorgeous cheese board, a timeless cold brew maker that weaves in just right with their other kitchen décor, a beautiful journal, or a serving bowl they will enjoy for years to come?
  2. S’well® Bottles. Beautiful. Sustainable. Charitable. Founder Sarah Kauss says her mission is “to rid the world of plastic water bottles.” Not only will you help someone consume less plastic and hence less waste, but you’ll be giving a beautiful water bottle which promotes healthier living. Contents stay cold for up to 24 hours; hot for 12 hours.
  3. A book. Do you know someone who is interested in a simpler life and/or is wanting to learn more? Grab (Feature a book from the “top 5 books to inspire…”). If you’re not wanting to take up any space and/or are looking for a different type of reading experience, consider an Audible subscription where your giftee will have on-demand listening access to thousands of books.
  4. An experience. Buy experiences, not things. A great place to start for the minimalist in your life is a with a simple yoga class pass, a yoga membership, or for the ultimate gift, a yoga retreat (check out THESE 5 yoga retreats). Instead of more clutter in the house, one might find the inspiration to declutter both internally and externally through the art of yoga. Other experiential gift ideas include a photography class, concert tickets, a cooking class, or a paint night outing.
  5. Favorite food. It’s no coincidence that food and comfort are often spoken in the same sentence. Food and beverages can hold a certain nostalgic moment and consuming them offers an additional gift: an experience. A food gift doesn’t have to mean a box of chocolates from the convenience store down the street. It can mean coffee beans from their favorite local roaster or shop or a loaf of bread from the neighborhood bakery. It could also mean purchasing the ingredients to make their favorite dish so the two of you can make it together.
  6. White Coffee Pot. A great cup of coffee starts with the right setup. The Kaico Coffee Pot is an elegant white enamel coffee pot with minimalist design that features a side handle, long spout and matching top with maple handle. For the ultimate gift, include a coffee cup plus a carton (or two) of the Milked Cashews™ – Barista Edition to inspire a simple and classic coffee experience.
  7. Plant. Many plants require minimal care yet provide benefits such as improved air quality, less background noise, and reduced stress levels. Choose one of these 7 plants to help enhance their home or work environment.

What else is on your list this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.