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Simpler, Better Ways to Use Your Elmhurst® Protein Shake

Today’s world can often feel cluttered. So much stuff. So many choices. If it all feels a bit overwhelming, we’re with you. A plant milk brand cannot take all of the overload out of the world, but we can do something – even it’s just shortening an ingredient list to a handful of essentials. Actually, we think that’s pretty good.

If you have ever scanned the labels of the various protein shakes out there, you’ll see what we mean. Lots…of…syllables.

At Elmhurst, we prefer “lots of possibilities.”

Here are some ways to get the most from The Cleanest Protein Shake on the Planet™, featuring 20g peanut protein per carton.

  1. Enjoy it! That isn’t something you can say for many protein shakes these days. They’re not exactly “a treat” – however many flavors they attempt. But with Elmhurst and peanuts, protein does not have to be mere necessity anymore. You may even find yourself drinking one for fun.
  1. Rejuvenate. Workouts are tiring! That’s why we need protein shakes – to help our muscles recuperate and get stronger. The science behind this is that protein is made of amino acids, nine of which the body cannot produce by itself. So, you have to get them from your diet. Peanuts, from which our far-more-tolerable shakes are made, have all nine.1
  1. Take it along. If you’re taking your workout on the road (whether literally on the road or at the gym), you may be a bit tired of the clunky experience of measuring your powder…adding water…shaking your powder…tolerating your shake…cleaning your shaker (it can get pretty yucky). Why not just grab a carton of Elmhurst, shake, and drink? You don’t even need fridge!
  1. Recycle it. We know that the main thing here is the simpler, better post-workout solution afforded by peanut protein. But note we also come in a carton, not plastic – and this carton is 100% recyclable in most US homes (visit for more info). After all wellness of self and the earth go pretty well together…including in a protein shake.

Elmhurst’s peanut protein shakes are available in chocolate peanut and vanilla bean flavors. Now that we’ve given you some ideas – how do you use yours?

1 Natarajan, K. R. (1980). Peanut Protein Ingredients: Preparation, Properties, and Food Uses. Advances in Food Research, 215-273.