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On Plant VS. Animal Protein

Starting with soy and almond, a range of plant milks has rattled the dairy market. (We aren’t sure whether cows are that upset.) If it were but a trend or fad, it would have faded by now.

It isn’t going away.

Red meat, too, continues to face questions. So, from a company that has been on the front lines of the great shift (Elmhurst™ was once a dairy), here is why plant-based protein wins the day over the animal alternatives.

It’s cleaner. Clean, for us, means being free of extras that don’t do a whole lot of good. This is where traditional milk falters. On the natural side, many humans do not deal terribly well with lactose, which is intrinsic to milk. 30 million American adults have a degree of lactose intolerance – a number that grows far higher in other parts of the world.1

So, just buy the lactose-free milk, right? This doesn’t address the part that is caused by humans. Many cows are fed GMOs, and injected with hormones and antibiotics.2 There are different opinions as to whether any of this is harmful to consumers, but it certainly does not help. Being of the simpler, better school, we’d prefer to pass and drink plants instead.

It’s cleaner for the world. Did you know cows produce emit greenhouse gases? Their belches (and other bodily functions) send a sobering amount of methane into to atmosphere.3 It sounds sensational, but it’s true. Add this to the pollution costs of feeding and transporting animals, and you have a legitimate concern. Altogether, as of 2014, 12 percent of all global greenhouse emissions were from the livestock industry.4 While meat and dairy consumption sustain this footprint, plants suck CO2 out of the air, making plant-based protein better for the planet.5

Plants have the protein you need. Think about elephants, giraffes, and horses. They are elegant and strong. They’re also herbivores.

It’s hard to beat the protein number on a pack of red meat. But, if these guys have anything to say, maybe we don’t have to. It is possible to grow and thrive on a plant-based diet. Our Milked Peanuts™, for instance, has a solid 6 grams in every glass. It also cuts out the extra baggage described above, and swaps-out saturated for healthier fats.

Given the choice, we will take fuller, cleaner nutrition with a solid helping of protein any day.

So, whether you’re an omnivore exploring plant-based options, or a committed vegan, we’re sure you will find what you need in Elmhurst™. Relax and enjoy the clean, environmentally conscious protein you need to live a simpler, better life.

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