On the Benefits of Oat Milk

 It easy to take things like oats for granted. It seems like they have always been here, and always will be.

We hope so! We really like oats. Because they are classic and iconic, sure – but also because they’re hard to beat nutritionally.

In order to capture this little wonder, and align it to new ways of living, we made Elmhurst Oat Milk.

We get our oats from the flowing prairies of Canada. If this sounds simpler and better – it is. Plant-based nutrition cannot offer much more.

Now, there are other oat milks out there, but don’t be swayed. Here is what makes Elmhurst Oat Milk your top choice.

20 grams of whole grain per serving. The American Heart Association recommends three servings of whole grains per day.1 Unlike that other oat milk you might have heard about, Milked Oats™ proudly bears the yellow Whole Grains Council stamp, certifying one full serving. So much whole grain means we are not only using plenty of oats, but also a method to draw the most from them.

HydroRelease. This is our method, and no one else’s. We use water to separate the oat’s components. These are then put back together, forming a creamy emulsion preserving the nutrition of the source grain.

4 grams of protein. Did you know oats are a protein source? Not a bad bonus for a whole grain legend. Thanks to our process, we capture 4 grams of oat protein in every glass. The other guy has 2 grams. (As well as higher in protein, we are lower in sugar.)

5 ingredients. The same leading competitor: 11 ingredients. Others in the plant-based marketplace are using extra ingredients that don’t do a whole lot of good. We don’t have to. How is this so? You guessed it – HydroRelease™. No gums or stabilizers are needed.

Vegan, etc. Our Milked Oats™ has all the things you will expect of a clean, plant-based product made from Canadian oats. Verified non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free – and no artificial flavors.

Now that you know it’s good, let’s get to the best part: enjoying it. This oat milk packs a power of diversity. It challenges the limits of what “simple” can do. Figure that you can use a touch in your coffee, a serving’s worth in your glass, or a splash in your cereal – even your oatmeal, for a one-two punch.

How will you experience Milked Oats™? Your next adventure may be big or small, far away or in your own home. Whatever the case, make our oat milk part of it. We hope that the spirit of simplicity, from the plains of the Great North to your hand, inspires you to find the best in less.

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1 American Heart Association, “Healthy Living,” 2018.