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How to Make a Protein Shake Without Protein Powder

Making a protein shake without protein powder sounds easy enough to do, but in fact it’s not so easy. Without the use of protein powder, you would need many ingredients and several steps to get that perfectly packed-with-protein shake. It might look like this:

Choose all your ingredients, making sure that not only will the shake taste great, but that it also contains just the amount of protein you’re looking to get.

Shop for said ingredients.

Return home, get out the blender.

Place all ingredients in the blender, blend, and enjoy.

Clean up the kitchen mess.

Do you feel the monotony of all that time-consuming work yet?

Get ready for something simpler and better.

How to Make a Protein Shake without Protein Powder

Making a protein shake without protein powder will take you no more than 5 seconds, and there is zero clean up involved.

Grab your favorite Elmhurst protein shake variety.

Shake, uncap, and enjoy.

Elmhurst® Protein Shakes – The Cleanest Protein Shake On The Planet™

Protein is made of 20 amino acids. These are needed for protein synthesis, which is essential to muscle recovery. Of the 20, nine amino acids are essential, meaning they cannot be generated by the body and instead need to be obtained from food. Peanut protein has all essential amino acids, including the branched-chain amino acids isoleucine, leucine, and valine (National Research Council, 1989; Natarajan, 1980). This makes peanuts an excellent post-workout choice.

You did know that peanut is the next big thing, right?

In addition to the protein shakes’ nutritional benefits, other benefits include:

Shelf stable.

Due to their aseptic packaging, like all other Elmhurst products, the protein shakes are shelf stable until the expiration date is reached or until the carton has been opened. Once they have been opened, they will need to go in the refrigerator and be used within about 7 days.

Portable and convenient for on-the-go.

At just 12 fluid ounces, these protein shakes are easy to transport in a purse/gym bag and convenient for on-the-go activities.


In the end, taste is what might be the final determining factor. The different varieties will leave you wanting a cupboard stocked at all times.


4 Easy Ways to Enjoy the Elmhurst® Protein Shakes

Here are 4 easy way to enjoy our Protein Shakes:

As is.

That’s right, we have taken every last ounce of work out of making your protein shake. Simply give it a shake, open the carton and enjoy the shake for all that it is.

Blended with ice.

Want to make your shake a little more frappe or smoothie-like? Simply pour the carton and add some ice cubes to a blender. Blend and enjoy.

Fruit or vegetable boost.

Even if you don’t need to add anything extra from a protein standpoint, you might enjoy adding different fruits or vegetables purely because you enjoy certain combinations. For example, add a banana to the Chocolate Peanut Protein Shake for an easy Chocolate Peanut Butter shake

Functional and other “boost” add-ins.

If you’ve ever wondered how to simply boost your plant-based milk, check out 9 Simple Ways to Easily Boost Plant-Based Milk. From ginger to maca and lucuma to ashwagandha, your options for easily boosting the protein shake are endless.


Keep it simple; save your time for the things that really matter to you without ever needing to sacrifice quality, ingredients, nutrition, and taste.