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Expo East 2018: New Barista and Protein Lines Are Coming

Natural Products Expo East is one of the very biggest food & beverage shows there is. This massive fair represents a growing wave of consciousness among consumers and companies both. If you are looking for clean labels, sustainability, authenticity, and nutrition – Expo East (as we call it) is the place to be. If you can’t be there, we have the Elmhurst highlights!

Gathered this week in Baltimore are some of the premier players in the natural foods game. We’d like to count ourselves among them. No, we aren’t the biggest, but less can be more. A simple description of what’s new at booth #1236 should be sufficient to say that this is a special time for Elmhurst. We hope for you, too!

You’ve seen Milked Almonds™, Milked Oats™, and Milked Brown Rice™. We love them, too – so much so that we’ve made special Barista Editions of these favorites for one of our greatest loves: coffee.

Nothing speaks “simpler, better” like a good cup of coffee or perhaps an artful latte. This week in Baltimore, our own barista is showing just how good and artful it can get. Elmhurst’s plant-based Barista Editions of oat, brown rice, and almond milk perform to coffee shop standards in any blend or roast. And they do so with just five ingredients, no oils, and no added gums or emulsifiers.

From professional needs like steaming and foaming – to flavoring and lightening your morning cup at home – Barista Editions are your answer to coffee. They’ll be available for you to try – hopefully again and again, with a fresh experience each time – Fall 2018.

It’s a pretty big name, we know, but we have the label to back it. Six ingredients or fewer. No added gums or emulsifiers. And, of course, 20g plant-based protein per 12oz carton.

Protein, which assists muscle recovery, from one of the great natural sources – none other than peanuts – avoids the iffy industry norms: animal products and added, refined soy and pea proteins. Our peanut protein offers not only unmatched cleanness. But – in a category of pretty icky things – flavor you will actually enjoy.

Look for our protein shakes Fall 2018. You’ll find them in four flavors: chocolate peanut, chocolate banana, vanilla bean, and café mocha.

“Simpler, better” seems like a small idea. But a couple exceptional years have taught us otherwise. Nowhere do we find more potential than in the little things. What can you do with six ingredients? It certainly doesn’t end with Barista Editions and protein shakes. We will prove it in the months and years to come.

So, stay tuned, but don’t look too far out. Enjoy what you have. We certainly are.