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Elmhurst® Has an Answer for Real Non-Dairy Creamers

The idea of the “non-dairy creamer” is not new. Remember the little pods in the middle of the table at the restaurant or diner? You could stack them. Build towers. Annoy your parents. They were pretty great – for everything except coffee, maybe.

Not to burst the bubble, but non-dairy creamers aren’t always what they seem. They often have small amounts of casein (a milk component), and may use things like corn syrup, soybean oil, carrageenan, and artificial flavors to imitate milk.1 This seems like a lot of work to resemble dairy – and it still has a milk protein.

So, if you’re thinking about a vegan coffee creamer, those little pods or powder things might not be the way to go. Luckily, the boom in plant-based milk has opened some more authentic doors. No doubt you’ve seen dairy-free creamer made from almond milk and such things. And, if you’re reading this, you may be wondering where Elmhurst® is in all of this?

Worry not. We have a couple options already, with another big one to come.

Barista Editions – These café-caliber products are made just for coffee. They do professional things like steam and foam, but work just a well at home as a creamer, delivering balanced flavor that accents any roast. Barista Editions are available in Elmhurst Oat Milk Barista Edition, Elmhurst Almond Milk Barista Edition, and Elmhurst Brown Rice Milk Barista Edition - each with only five ingredients.

Standard Plant Milks – A number of our standard and unsweetened plant milks also work well in coffee. Among these, Elmhurst Cashew Milk is the highlight. Like Barista Editions, our cashew milk excels both as a “steamer” and creamer. Additional uses, from drinking to cooking, make this a one-stop shop for your plant nutrition needs.

Hemp Creamers – Maybe that got your attention. We’re talking about a healthy coffee creamer made of hemp seeds. That’s something different, which means it makes perfect sense for Elmhurst. Look for this unique spark to everyday coffee in 2019.

As for old-fashioned non-dairy creamers – blocks are better for stacking anyway. We are taking the simpler, better route with plant milks that aren’t just free of dairy, but full of nuts and grains. Enjoy our range of options, and look forward to the hemp-venture to come!

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