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Why This Dietitian Loves Milked Peanuts

Plant-based eating is absolutely one of the top trends of 2018. In fact, interest in this way of eating has been steadily increasing with even more emphasis for several years. It’s no surprise when you look at what the research tells us about the health benefits of eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based proteins.

The DASH diet is one of the most well-researched healthy ways of eating and is heavily plant-based; and has been proven to reduce high blood pressure. In addition, people are becoming more and more critical of added ingredients, preferring simple “clean” labels over those that contain ingredients they may not recognize. As interest in eating a more plant-forward diet has grown, so has the offering of plant-based foods, including dairy milk alternative beverages, but one major player in the nut category has been missing. Peanuts.

So the release of Elmhurst’s Milked Peanuts™ and Milked Peanuts™ Chocolate has created a huge amount of buzz. And at my house, we are loving these products! As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I’m picky about what I feed my family. And as an avid cook and foodie, I choose foods that can bring interest and functionality into the kitchen too. These products are absolutely tops in so many ways. One of the most important? My family loves the flavor. Eating nutritious foods is so much easier when it tastes great. Allow me to tell you a little more about why I love Elmhurst’s Milked Peanuts™. Like many other consumers, simple, clean ingredients go a long way for me in choosing what goes in my shopping cart. Even though I understand the reasons many food additives are there, I still prefer to eat foods that keep to a pretty short ingredient list, so I can control what goes into my body and my family’s bodies.

Elmhurst has done that beautifully with Milked Peanuts™! With just five ingredients – filtered water, peanuts, cane sugar, natural flavors and salt, plus cocoa in the chocolate, Milked Peanuts™ definitely represents a clean label to me. There are no stabilizers or thickeners, yet it’s creamy and has a wonderful mouthfeel.

The original also whips up like whole milk for my cappuccino. Nutritionally, Milked Peanuts™ nutrition facts panel looks a lot like a handful of peanuts, which makes sense since the original contains 31 peanuts per 8 ounce serving. That translates to 6g of protein per serving, far more than you’ll get in most other non-dairy milks. It also has 11g of fat, 1.5g of those are saturated and the rest are mono and polyunsaturated, the kinds you want to eat more often.

Finally, Elmhurst added just enough sugar to give Milked Peanuts™ a hint of sweetness, resulting in 6g carbohydrates (4g added sugar). For all these reasons and more, Milked Peanuts™ is now a staple in my plant-based kitchen. In collaboration with the National Peanut Board, I’ve created several delicious recipes highlighting Milked Peanuts™ and using the product in new and novel ways. Check those out at and follow me on Instagram @PeanutRD for more peanutty kitchen inspiration.

Sherry Coleman Collins is a metro-Atlanta based registered dietitian nutritionist with experience in pediatric clinical nutrition, foodservice and nutrition communications. She has spoken at dozens of professional conferences, is a frequent guest and freelance writer, and serves as an expert to the media. Sherry works with the National Peanut Board helping to provide reliable and science-based information about peanuts, including peanut allergies, for professionals and consumers. She enjoys all culinary adventures, including feeding her persnickety preschooler, vegetable-averse husband, and eat-everything Golden Retriever.