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Celebrating a Terrific Two Years of Simpler and Better

“Who knows where the time goes?” – Sandy Denny, English folk singer

It has been two years since Elmhurst turned up with a line of plant milks. This is why we consider March our birthday…even though the original Elmhurst was founded in 1925.

How can you be ninety-four and two at the same time? That’s a story for another day. Today it’s about another year of simpler, better innovation. And there’s no one we’d rather celebrate with than all of you.

You’ve been there all along – and given us the feedback and fun to continue to fuel our amazing journey on this plant-based adventure. Let’s look back at what we’ve done together.

A Growing Family

Making plant-based milks and other beverages to share with you is our reason for existing, so it’s a good place to start.

When you send a message or email, leave a comment on one of our posts, share a story we really are listening. Which is why this year, we wanted to bring you as much of what you’d been wishing for as we could.

This year we didn’t just release products. We introduced whole product lines to give you the options you’d been searching for, and a few others we just knew you’d love.

Leading the charge were three Barista Editions: plant milks made especially for your perfect cup of coffee, from café to kitchen. Our barista oat milk heads a lush and clean trifecta, also featuring brown rice and almond varieties. We were delighted to sip some lattes with you at LA Coffee Fest, New York Coffee Festival and more…and have been finding our way to cups all over.

We also learned that you were a bit tired of the iffy ingredient lists (and taste) of some of the protein shakes out there. So, we reimagined post-workout recovery with The Cleanest Protein Shake on the Planet™. Each carton has 20g of natural peanut protein per carton. No pea, no soy, no dairy – and no lingering “protein shake” taste.

A common question we’ve heard this year is, “Can I get that unsweetened?” You can! We grew our unsweetened line with the addition of two-ingredient cashew and walnut varieties – and, also by popular request, our Unsweetened Milked Oats™ will be coming soon!

Exciting Events

As you may know, we are in love with vintage things, especially when they manage to be both nostalgic and modern. We also love travel and experiences - especially when you’re there with us.


This year all of this came together. The team wove a path around the country in our refurbished Airstreams, visiting friends from Seattle to Dallas; Miami to New York.

We saw you at Boston VegFest and Wellspring. Surprised you with a takeover of MeMe’s Diner in Brooklyn. And had fun dancing together at the kickoff of touring wakeup party, Daybreaker.

Still, there is no place quite like home. Here in our Western New York backyard, we met-up at the very first Borderland festival, headlined by Philadelphia soul legend (and very appropriately named) John Oates. And shared a beverage right at the center of the famous Taste of Buffalo food festival.

Spreading the Word

Birthdays are good for reflecting. We’ve gotten to know ourselves better this year and it seems everyone else did, too. You’ve been helping to share our story and more and more people are starting to take notice.

  • Cooking Light hailed our Barista Editions as a “no-brainer” for dairy free coffee drinkers.
  • Delish called Unsweetened Milked Almonds™ “as close as you’ll get to homemade stuff.”
  • VegNews featured our peanut protein shake as the one that will “make sticking to New Year’s resolutions a breeze.”

We’ve also learned that we closed year two with a Clean Eating Clean Choice Award. But we couldn’t have done any of this without all your support.

What’s Next

For children, the “twos” – as kicked-off by this birthday – are said to be…terrible. But for a simpler, better plant-based beverage brand, they can be terrific.

Thanks for making our first two years great, we can’t wait to see what this year holds!