Comfort TV: What to Watch & How to Watch It

From films to series to games to news, quarantine just became a lot less boring.

This period of quarantine has seen the world adjust to a new normal. We’re learning to take work calls from home, prioritize our own wellbeing and maintain healthy communication from a healthy distance. If there’s one thing we’ve learned during this time, it’s the enduring importance of family. Families are sharing meals, living spaces and quality time with one another.

Families are also sharing entertainment. Whether we’re laughing together, crying together or on the edges of our seats together, online streaming services have been working overtime to provide constant on-screen entertainment. When we inevitably grow tired of staring at the ceiling, baking bread or DIY-ing every recyclable item in our home, there’s a streaming service ready to fill your time with entertainment of your choice. Some streaming services are offering entertainment well beyond its originally scheduled release date. Others are generously extending their free trial periods, offering families the chance to enjoy television normally offered under a paid subscription. From movies to television, reality shows to the decade’s greatest sporting events, we’ve outlined the absolute best streaming deals you need to check out.


Entertainment provider HBO announced a release of 500 hours of new content, offered via their HBO Now, HBO Go apps and streaming sites. The best news? You don’t need a subscription to access the content. You’ll find documentaries and docuseries, original series and nearly two dozen Warner Bros. feature films for all ages, including Sucker Punch, Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Family movie nights have never been so common, but HBO isn’t about to let us get bored with them! Pick a genre, pick a film and swap opinions and commentary for an all-around cinematic experience.


In a move that thrilled homebound moms everywhere, Disney+ released both Frozen II and Onward weeks before their scheduled release dates. Fans are still anxiously waiting for the announcement of The Rise of Skywalker dropping on Disney+, but until that fateful day arrives, you can find everything from nostalgic Disney films to Disney Channel episodes to countless documentaries designed to make you feel immersed in the outdoors even while spending time at home. Disney+ is the perfect outlet if you’re looking to launch into a movie marathon -- choose from beloved series like Cars, Toy Story or High School Musical, or for the seriously committed, the Star Wars galaxy or Marvel Universe each offer an experience that might carry you all the way through quarantine.


Although Hulu isn’t offering any quarantine-related TV discounts, the streaming company does offer a 30-day free trial. You’ll be able to find a wide assortment of shows and movies, from reality TV favorites such as The Bachelor to dramas like the critically-acclaimed This Is Us. Younger audiences can enjoy old favorites like Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who, or newer releases like Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

Sundance Now

Sundance Now lets you catch up on all the award-winning cinema, such as The Little Drummer Girl, The Restaurant and The Thread. Whether you’re in the mood for a period drama, a series riddled with suspense or a brilliantly-acted commentary on social norms, Sundance Now contains a series or film guaranteed to draw you in. When you sign up with the code SUNDANCENOW30, you’re gifted with a 30-day free trial period, a quarantine discount far above the typical weeklong trial.


14-day free trial -- need we say more? No matter how long you’re quarantined indoors, Quibi’s has you covered. Tastefully abbreviated from “quick bites,” Quibi offers news, comedy, horror, reality, documentary, drama and other genres, in short episodes designed to be watched on a phone. Need a quick brain break from work? Quibi is there, with an 8-minute episode to make you laugh. Sitting in the parking lot, waiting for your take-out order? Quibi has a 10-minute episode that will have you on the edge of your seat. With hundreds of episodes, you’ll be busting boredom in no time, at no cost.

NFL Game Pass

Are you missing live sporting events like the rest of us? Well, NFL Game Pass isn’t live, but it offers a great way to satisfy your sports craving. The NFL announced that this database, containing every NFL game as far back as 2009, is now completely free to enjoy. Access its content on the NFL’s website, YouTube channel or mobile application after you create a free account. You can relive wild NFL moments and games, watch interviews with team members and coaches, even expand your knowledge of the NFL with inspiring series like Hard Knocks and A Football Life. Watch your favorite games, rewind Super Bowls and relive pivotal playoff moments along the way.

Don’t forget the snacks!

Who doesn’t love snacking during a movie? Grabbing a bag of chips or popcorn goes hand in hand with a movie night! But if you’re like us, looking to maintain a clean and simple lifestyle during the quarantine, you know there’s a healthier way to snack. Try making this delicious vegan nice cream with our Unsweetened Milked Walnuts for a guiltless treat. If you stocked your pantry with our Almond Milk (who doesn’t love up to a six-month shelf life, right?) and need something to keep you busy for the afternoon, whip up a batch of these chocolate chip cookies to serve during the evening’s TV session.

With more content than ever before available to stream for free, consider this your invitation to check out what you’ve been missing. Gather the family, grab the snacks and lower the lights. Whether you’re diving into your next favorite drama series, binging 10-minute episodes or rediscovering a timeless movie trilogy, free entertainment is now only a click away!

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