Coffee Meets Almond: Barista Edition Now Available

In the mood for a lush, velvety latte? For that barista to draw you a pretty picture in foam? Or just a splash of flavor to complement your AM cup?

Well, your time has come. Elmhurst® Barista Edition Almond Milk is now available, bringing professional grade performance to coffee lovers of all kinds.

Oats are all the rage the barista world right now – and that’s coming soon, as is our splendid brown rice. In the meantime, get started with another potential favorite. This made-for-coffee almond milk isn’t just another trick, tasting the part with little behind it. Ours is made from almonds (lots of them), specially formulated to yield flavor notes that balance, rather than overpower, the blend.

The other good thing about being made from many almonds: you get their nutrition… in your coffee. This Barista Edition has four grams of protein per serving. That’s pretty good for something so capable and delicious. And we are talking almonds, not oils. All of our barista products perform to any standard using just five ingredients, led by water and nuts/grains. No gums or emulsifiers needed.

Shop right here on our site to order this product straight to your home. Even if you aren’t a barista, and don’t do the steaming thing, you can use it like any other creamer. Open the carton and pour taste and texture right into your cup. It’s as simple as that – and better, too.

Hot coffee. Iced coffee. From kitchen to café, anything is possible. Even Barista Edition Oat Milk!