All Aboard the Almond Train: Why We Love This Nut

It has been awhile since we’ve released anything almond. But we haven’t forgotten about you, little guy. You’re a Barista Edition now! Elmhurst has given you a coffee house “cool.” You’ll be in lattes, pretty pictures etched in foam. And you’ll be sharing the counter with some fantastic oats (lots more on that next week).

“Why almond?” Well, everyone else is doing it… but no independent thinker ever said that. Let’s remind ourselves what’s so great about almonds – and, by extension, a plant milk made with more of them.

  1. Almonds are California-grown.
    Who was to think, when the first almond was planted on these shores sometime after 1500, California would account for 90 percent of the world’s yield?1 It’s great to know they are coming from America’s great backyard garden between the mountains.
  2. That almond flavor.
    When people became bored with soy, they turned to almonds. Why not? It’s a flavor that defies time; a common luxury. Elmhurst is what happens when take the whole ingredient and make a beverage of it. It tastes like almonds because it is almonds.
  3. Almonds are 21 percent protein.
    Protein is one of the big advertisements for animal products. “Where else are you going to get that protein?” The plant kingdom has some answers – among them, you guessed it, almonds. Straight from the tree, almonds are 21 percent protein.2 Our HydroRelease™ method keeps this nutrition intact. At the end, you get 5 grams protein per glass from Elmhurst’s original and unsweetened almond milks. The family’s newest member, Barista Edition Almond Milk, even has a few grams for your coffee.
  4. Almonds are versatile.
    Of course. You can eat them raw or roasted; on their own, or from a mixed bowl; at home or on the road. But that’s not really what we mean. You see, when you make almonds into a plant milk, things happen. A lovely glass. Better smoothies. Tastier cereal. And now, with our barista friend, a lusher latte.

These are pretty good reasons to go almond. We know. There are other brands out there making almond milk seem like a really good idea. You’ll find them lined-up in the case – some with low prices (and calorie counts). Others in finely contoured plastic bottles (it must be premium, it looks so neat). Tip from the simpler, better people: don’t be fooled. That’s just what happens when your almond milk doesn’t have many almonds.

And when you don’t have many almonds – and too many gums, emulsifiers, oils and things – you just have to go Elmhurst.


1 Keep California Farming, “California Is the World’s #1 Almond Producer,” 2018

2 Almond Board of California, “Almond Composition,” 2013