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6 Key Takeaways from Wanderlust Wellspring


Recently, our team had the chance to experience this gathering firsthand where we sampled our plant-based milks and gave a sneak peak of our new Protein Shake line. We were also fortunate enough to have the chance to attend some of the sessions and classes.

Upon leaving the gathering, we took away an assortment of gained knowledge and new thoughts.

Here are our 6 key takeaways from Wellspring.

6 Key Takeaways from Wanderlust Wellspring

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1. Community. Everywhere you looked while at Wellspring, someone was sharing a story, working out with others, or just giving a hug.

People would stop to lay and meditate, discuss their favorite highlights from sessions they had just been to, and at any given moment you could find someone practicing yoga. The community was there to lift each other up and celebrate everything that surrounded them.

2. Commonality. At every wellness event, the topic of diet comes up over and over. While diets all have their differences, we saw more commonality among the ones discussed at Wellspring. Whether it was Alicia Silverstone’s “The Kind Diet,” or Dr. Mark Hyman’s idea of “Peganism” (Paleo meets Vegan), their ideas around simple ingredients, plant-based eating, sustainability, and top-tier quality were completely in line with each other.

3. Simple ingredients and plant-based eating. Consumers are demanding simpler, better ingredients. They want identifiable ingredient names that are primarily plant-based and contain fewer grams of sugar than in the past. At the Elmhurst booth, we frequently heard, “Wow! The Milked Walnuts™ tastes just like walnuts.” People are looking for products that taste like what they are made from, and they don’t want that to come from a long list of unnecessary ingredients.

4. Practice, think, sweat, restore. Wanderlust Wellspring stands on four main pillars: practice, think, sweat, and restore. Each pillar has several sessions and speakers to attend and engage with throughout the event. Combined, they are the perfect balance of mind and body, soul and strength.

Practice. A focus on the yoga practice and the masters of it.

Think. Sessions to assist with uncovering actionable answers to personal, social, and global issues.

Sweat. High intensity workout sessions with some of the industry’s fittest instructors.

Restore. Recharging and unwinding after a day filled with movement and hundreds of thoughts.

5. Sustainability. One key element of Wellspring is coming together to discuss global topics and working to initiate positive change. Whether it was in a session focused on diet, product innovation, entrepreneurship, design, or even overall well-being, much of the discussion ended up coming back to one thing: the importance of supporting and promoting sustainability.

This translated to the exhibitors as well, including Elmhurst. Compostable cups, recyclable packaging, and eco-friendly materials were just a few examples of different ways brands in the space are working toward this, but the consensus is moving toward leaving a smaller, more conscious footprint.

6. Reflection and Growth. Wellspring was packed with inspiring speakers. From Russell Brand to Glennon Doyle, there was such a diverse lineup of authors, entrepreneurs, instructors, and experts sharing and changing the way we view and understand wellness.

The gathering is designed to get you engaged - to make you think, discuss and explore the world around you as well as bring focus to your own personal wellness journey. The sense of community fostered such a positive environment, focused on personal and collective growth, empowerment, and development.

We want to hear from you. Were you in attendance at Wanderlust Wellspring? What were your key takeaways? Any recommendations for another Wanderlust event we must go to?