Allergen Management Practices | Elmhurst Milk

Overview: We at Elmhurst Milked, LLC. believe that food safety is a core principle and is reflected in how our business is conducted. We have extensive allergen management practices integrated as part of our overall food safety programs. Our processing facility successfully manages multiple allergens through our employment of extensive control strategies. The comprehensive nature of our allergen management practices are certified under the Global Food Safety Initiative utilizing the SQF audit standards. We do all of this to provide you as our customer the fullest confidence to enjoy our products.

Employee Partners: Our employees are one of our greatest assets. We partner with them to produce safe products for our customers enjoyment. We devote significant time to train them to be successful in their career, including the management of allergenic products and materials.

Ingredients: Our ingredients are selected and purchased only from suppliers that have proven that they can meet our quality and food safety standards. The materials are of the highest quality and are carefully reviewed prior to approval for use in our products. All raw materials are carefully reviewed upon delivery to assure that all of our expectations are met. We specifically store our raw materials containing allergens in a manner that allows them to be segregated from other materials that do not contain allergens.

Processing & Testing: Our products are manufactured with strict processing parameters identified and monitored on every production run. Numerous tests are conducted throughout the process to verify that no unintentional allergens are present in the product.

Cleaning: All of our processing systems are fully cleaned between every production run. Extensive cleaning protocols are administered after production. The cleaning is verified by extensive testing – including verification of allergen removal at the conclusion of the cleaning regimen.

Review: An extensive review is conducted of all the allergen management and food safety protocols prior to the approval of our products for shipment. Every detail is verified for the assurance of only the safest products to be released into the marketplace.